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717 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 717 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 717 Series

717-702-2005 Anonymous
2018-02-20 01:33:20
Reporting to tbe better business bureau for unprofessional practices.
717-918-3232 Anonymous
2018-02-08 18:18:01
717-702-2005 Anonymous
2018-01-02 22:10:26
If your interested in wasting time call 717 702-2005 and engage in vulgar nonsensical idiot conversation with a screaming witch IQ60 and her lying moron of a supervisor. They do not know what they are doing but are complete degenerates . never had such a sick experience!
717-234-3025 Anonymous
2017-04-19 12:06:57
all is good
717-763-7897 Sondra
2015-01-19 21:08:08
this is a company called Total Air Cleaning... someone referred you to them to purchase something.
717-308-5188 Kim
Texted "Hi !!" (don't know anyone from PA)
717-307-7707 Cynthia
no caller ID
717-307-7128 Pat
Called me on my cellphone. No message left.
717-307-4200 not being scammed
recieved the same call on my home number and my cell number stating my credit card had been compromised.  A HUGE SCAM. DO NO RESPOND OR GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER.
717-307-4200 Lee
claimed that my Mobil Credit Union Credit card had been compromised. Select 1 for security.  They wanted my full card number.I do not have a Mobil Credit Union card.  If I did, they would not have to ask me for the FULL number.
717-307-3200 Wil
Did not recognize number on caller I.D  Did not answer.  Left no message.
717-307-3200 Bill
Saying they are from CVS
717-306-7440 Sheboygan_Girl
He had sent me 3 messages wanting to order Avon products, 6 other people had Emailed me wanting to order von Products & here's what I think.............if any of these people TRUELY want to order anything from Avon then, WHY don't they find an Avon Represenitive in THEIR area??? And they can also Order the products Online after they talk with somebody in THEIR area SO, in MY opinion, this IS a Scam becuz thier obviously contacting alotta different people in FAR areas of the map. Wouldn't these people wanna MEET the people that's selling Avon? Seriously now, i'm NOT stressing over this & I WON'T waste my time on Scammers.
717-306-7440 amanda
Got an email saying that he wanted products. He also told me what products and the #'s for the products and how much of each product. Still questioning the email and the number. His name for me was James Cole too.
717-306-7440 paynt
Used the name James Cole for me.
717-306-7440 aquaoracle
john cole
717-306-7440 aquaoracle
i just got the same message, same number too
717-306-7440 angelina
Got an email from "Done West" saying he wanted to order AVON products from me and to please call this number 717-306-7440... I was smart enough to look it up 1st.
717-304-8152 Lisa
Caller keeps calling & hanging up.
717-304-8152 Beth
Calls  me and hangs up when i answer and won't answer called back or will hang up.
717-304-6881 Texted
I keep getting hot Porno pics sent from this number????
717-304-6512 Chris
this number called twice today asking for my wife.  after saying she wasn't available can i take a message they hang up.
717-304-4858 Sydney
No message left.
717-304-0690 ahab
dumpster diver
717-303-5852 Frank Brown
Called me twice in a row and left a message saying "f*** you d****eed, that's why I was at the hole".  Also asked what state I was in even though he had the same area code as I do.
717-303-5692 Lynn
Fraudulent charge of 9.85 on my credit card.
717-303-3669 Rude
Hector said it was for free tickets to here Robert Schiller speak.Hector did not sound latino, he sounded arabic, but whatever.
717-303-3669 Ace
I just got this call too its spam phone calls. Make more money blah blah blahBut they called my cell phone, how they get my number?
717-303-3328 Vern
I get about 3 calls a week from them and they never leave a message.
717-302-5000 Carrie
Keep getting calls that just beep

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