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Browsed Number: 7705087905 | Location Code : 770 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 7705087905

It's a robo caller, and it's listening for you to speak first.  If you say hello, it'll start the spiel for whatever scam they're running.  If you press "1", it'll then try to hook you to an attendant, but if one isn't available, it'll just dump the call.

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I keep getting calles from this caller at this same phone number. It show lthey are located either at Alpharetta, GA. and/or Lilburn, GA. I'm beginning to think these some weird children... They call and just listen... and in a minute or two, they quietly hang up. At least the last 3 calls they did this.
john cushma
I continue to get calls from 770-508-7905 even though I have opted out receiving further calls from them.  Calls happen 3 to5 times a week or more.  How can I stop them????
Greg Brower
Getting tired of these folks who will not listen to a request to stop calling.  Actually talked with a person after press #1, on two occasions.  First occasion they said they would not stop calling until I took the offer and the second time they hung up after I just started babbering.
Very Annoyed in GA
We're also being regularly bothered with receiving numerous annoying calls from this number.  We have Caller ID and don't answer since we don't know anyone at 770-508-7905.  They never leave messages on our answering machine either so their call is considered both aggravating and unimportant to us.  Have called the number to request being dropped from their call list, but have experienced the same as others: it immediately goes to "the voice mailbox has not been set up yet" recording.  I've just put a call block on this irritating phone number today...

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