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805 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 805 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 805 Series

805-551-5798 Trixie
Christopher Allen Upton age 44 Darlene Juanite Upton Age 62 17074 B Street #A Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-842-4063 714-698-9645
805-551-3864 Selina
No message just a hangup
805-551-1521 Jose
805-551-1272 AB
I got a call from this number today.  It went to voicemail and they didn't leave a message though.  I don't know who it is.
805-551-1272 MC
This caller made harassing phone calls to our home.  He knew our names.
805-550-9136 hh
no message left
805-550-8140 Roger
No one there when answered
805-550-7323 Hung Anh
The caller name is Carrie
805-550-6031 Roger
When the machine picked up caller hung up.
805-550-4335 DJG
they keep sending picture mail, but I dont have picture-mail on my phone, but somehow get charged for them anyway
805-550-0127 Jason
Pretended to be a contractor and wished me to have a good day!!
805-550-0127 john
pretended to be a contractor
805-550-0127 Me
Thinking of calling police.  Answered phone and it sounded like a recording that says".....and some of you n****rs might die."  I am very concerned about this.
805-550-0127 DCL
Numerous calls, never leaves message.  Today, I answered, heard male voice yell something, then they hung up.  Could not understand.  When you call the number, you get a Verizojn recording advising the number has been changed or is disconnected.  Some fool playing games with caller-id spoofing most likely.  Just hang up and don't engage with fools like this.
805-549-7999 aus
calls eaves no message -phone just rings and rings when caled back
805-549-7999 cj
this number keeps calling my unlisted #.  they don't leave a message and no one answers when you pick up the phone or return the call.  It is especially annoying because I have call waiting.
805-549-7999 peter
state of california  san luis obispo  ca    no answer when I called them back   female caller asking for Brandi
805-549-7999 n
I spoke to a person who when I asked to have my number deleted hung up. She did ask if I was an employment agency. I did call back and let it ring forever but know one answered, Only reward is they can't use the number while it is ringing.
805-549-7999 PJ
This number keeps calling my desk phone, it just beeps like a fax but doesn't connect. I called the operator and they said they don't show it in there system???? How can AT&T not have a listing for a phone#?? I did a reverse look up on whitepages.com and it shows the number is in San Luis Obispo CA as a landline with an unpublished#. I started calling it back and it just rings, this was because it keeps going to my voicemail and filling it up with it's insesent calling. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!
805-549-7999 none
Not sure who but don't want to be bother
805-549-7826 Marisa
Anybody getting calls from this number?
805-549-3434 Cristian
Got a call this morning.
805-547-2333 Complete Automotive
Complete Automotive offers auto repair, brakes repair,  electrical diagnostic and engine repair in San Luis Obispo, CA.
805-546-8665 lynn
spammer I hate these people. why don' t people crack down on  these illegal calls!!!
805-545-7925 Selina
Just got called by this number.
805-544-7544 bob
Solid Oak Tree Management is a tree service in San Luis Obispo and all the surrounding areas.Landscaping, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Consulting,Tree Service
805-544-3890 Emily
Got a call from this phone number.
805-543-7651 Charmaine
Called me a hundred damn times!! When I answer they say nothing and it is a loud fax noise when I call back!!UGH!!!
805-543-1033 Patti
Called my number did not leave a message, I am on the do not call list for my number.
805-542-9993 Doris
constantly calls

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