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Browsed Number: 8082178503 | Location Code : 808 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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I receive 3-8 calls pr week at all times of day. No message.  Am on the do not call list.

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bashir shah
hi ok i am calll this
Got a call from this number.  No message was left.  Appears to be another telemarketer from the posts above.  I love this site!  My dad told me about it and now I check every number that looks fishy.  Thanks to everyone who posts here :)
If the message was written that badly, I would suspect either a foreigner or someone with 3rd grade writing skills.
a web user
recording says:President Obama and the federal government. As you know I told the I. R. S. To work with the citizens of the United States to well, were, or even eliminate your backpacks debt. We are calling from the tax renegotiation center to lower or even and women. H. U. I. R. S. Backpacks that we can put a stop to lean bank levies and wage, punishment's within minutes. I got your tax debt in half or have it be eliminated press one We specialize in negotiating yo i rs backpacks, Dad, allowing you to be free from the I. R. S in as little as 12 6 months press one now so we can get started. To be removed, please press 7, Message.
Dawn Weaver
I answered because I'm sick of it....  It was a recording to get RID of y back tax debt.... WTH?  I don't have any.  listen all the way though and press 7 to be taken off their list!
I only got this call once. they didn't leave a msg. so I called back and its a "promotion" that i got 500 free bids on a penny auction site called zeekler.com. obviously its a scam but i always try to call back because usually when you call back these types of phone calls they have an option to opt out of their phone list. this one didnt have it though.
called my work - no answer- googled and found this. Very annoying because I am at a dr. office!

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