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810 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 810 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 810 Series

810-341-1952 Big Nick
Received missed call from this #. No message left
810-341-1952 Tony
automated voice said we won some home security.
810-341-1952 spam blocker
Here's the transcript of the message she left for me:"Hi. This is Ashley Martin calling on behalf of a certified non profit agency, you may recall receiving a letter stating that you've been approved to consolidate your credit card to those 1.5% interest. This is not new loan and again, you've already been approved. So in order to lower interest rates before the next billing cycle. I do need to find out what your current balance is, are, so if you could please call me with your statements ready. My number here is 1(877) 723-1421. Again, 1(877) 723-1421 and you can reach me until 10 PM. Thanks."I received no such letter.  This is probably an attempt to steal identities and credit card information.
810-341-1952 gale
Received call on my cell...female left a voicemail asking if my credit cards are piling up and that I can get help with same for 1.5%.  That this is not a loan. To call back with my bank statements ready to divulge the balances in my bank accounts!   R..E..A..L..L..E..Y?????   The callback number she left was 877-723-1421.  So I call the number and back and a female answered with the greeting of "Consumer Debt Helpline".   BEWARE!!!!!!
810-341-1952 Mr. Blister
Called my cell phone. Did not answer...
810-341-1952 sandy
got same telemarketer
810-341-1952 jay
Called my cell phone with an automated message asking if my credit card bills are piling up.
810-338-9842 Dawn
I keep getting calls from it.
810-338-8255 Heather
Wanted to know who owns this phone number.
810-338-6400 Kelsy
no caller ID
810-336-9760 Laura
Continuously calls and leaves no message.
810-336-8710 Tami
No message left.
810-336-8374 Shirley
Got a call. Answered and they hung up.
810-336-7865 Victor
Received calls from this number, caller ID does not identify caller.
810-336-7149 Ryan
They are saying harrassing and disturbing things.
810-336-6434 Donald
I ignored the call.
810-336-6302 Bob
Got 2 calls from this number in the past 12 hours. The first one about 5 minutes past midnight December 25th. They left no message and we didn't hear the phone ring so maybe they just let it ring once before handing up.They just called again and it only rung once before they hung up again with no message.This is on a new Vonage line that is a Colorado area code.
810-336-6058 Ash.
He's a kid who plays girls in every state. Don't talk to him. He will send fake pictures and lie about his age and name
810-336-6001 Cierra
no messages
810-336-3994 Eric
When I answered, nobody replied.
810-336-3941 tee
was texting me about my boyfriend trying to find out whee he lives
810-336-3813 Jake
got a call
810-336-3484 na
Lots of links to escort related sites when I am trying to search for this phone number.
810-336-1302 Bee
I have been getting random calls, sexually explicit pics. This person wont stop calling and texting my number.
810-336-1122 fuzzy
Called several other times before, & twice more last night.  I answered the second time & repeated "Who the hell are you & what the hell do you want?" at LEAST six times w/out allowing the female on the other end a word in edgewise.  When I stopped, she said, "Man, yer gay."  There were others heard in the background.  I then hung up & shutoff the phone to recharge.  If it persists, the authorities will be asked to step in.
810-336-1122 fuzzy
Called & left a text on my wife's phone.
810-335-3017 bear
whoever calls is breathing in the phone and hangs up  after you say hello every 2 to 3 hours for the past few days
810-335-3017 Wynona
A latino male called from this number. He knew my previous address and my name. He asked what my age was and the year I graduated high school.  He asked me where I currently lived and I told him I did not want to tell him that and he disconnected the call.  I found out it is an AT&T account under the New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC-IL.
810-335-3017 A***ole
Jack a** stop calling d****head f*** face
810-335-3017 Buffy
Won't answer the phone when this number rings and was hoping to get some info but it looks like no one knows who it is.

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