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Browsed Number: 8102230563 | Location Code : 810 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Please do not waste your time. My wife received similar call. She was horrified. I calmed her down. Then I call local police department. I was told to ignor. Asked me if I want to file a report. Unfortunately, even though it seems like the caller is from Michigan, the call seems to generated from India. Ignor the call. Or call back and ask for the name of goverment agency he works for, badge number, and supervisior number. Please do not give any of your personal information to this scam artist.

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yes just ignore the IDIOT...if you have the time play with him,,laugh at him the one thing these IDIOTS hate is you waste there time on the phone..its nothing but lies and scare tactics..also in most states if you did have a NSF check the SOL is 2-3 years and that means they cant sue..
I had the exact thing happen to me on  jan 10th 2013. Kind of scary since the guy knew my exact address. I did hang up right away. Just wondering what I should do? Should I go to police and report them? Should I be doing credit checks? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
today i got a phone call from this number: 810-223-0563, from Flint, Michigan. He stated that i have outstanding warrant under my name and my wifes name, and our SSN number. He said if you don't listen to the conversation of his chief, we will be arrested by the local law. The caller does not know in this country, if you need to arrest a criminal. you do not make a phone call; you come to their residence or their hideout with the arrest warrant and arrest the criminal. It seems like the caller is calling all of the Indians, including myself. My advice to all my friends, is do not panic and tell them to shut up, then hang up the phone. In addition,the caller himself sounds indian.
I got a similar call. He is posing as he is calling from Crime & Investigation dept. He has 3 criminal charges against me. If I don't call back, he will proceed with investigation. I called back. I got an answering machine but the messages were full. I couldn't leave any message. I tried repeatedly 3 times without success. He said heis name was Scott - Police officer. He sounded Middle Eastern accent.

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