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830 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 830 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 830 Series

830-905-9266 Anonymous
2018-06-01 19:38:29
Got a message on cellphone to call this number for information regarding that they are trying to contact me for signature and that if I don't contact them they will then show up at my address or place of employment but I never got a number on the caller id and when I call this number it says no such number exists, Weird
830-357-8616 Joan
Got a call. Answered and they hung up.
830-357-7717 Crystal
No answer.
830-357-7715 Fred
Calls all the time.
830-357-7713 Scott
I did not answer it.
830-355-2611 Crystal
The caller did not leave a message.
830-355-2595 Raymond
Just got the call!
830-355-2168 Samuel
Got a call from this phone number.
830-355-2166 bill
nasty people..
830-355-2004 Mia
Wanted to know who owns this number.
830-352-2631 melissa
Who is this person.
830-343-7882 Faith
Received a phone call. No message left.
830-338-9876 kiki
i got this weird called by this no.
830-335-7204 Rachel
Does anyone know who calls from this phone number?
830-335-4393 Peggy
no idea
830-334-4781 Dolores Sanchez
I am to go on line to get conformation details on how to get tickets to the bahamas.
830-334-3032 FARHAT
830-333-9689 Bill in Vancouver
Received a text message from this number... scam!!  It reads:"RBC Royal Bank Alert: you have have one alert regarding your RBC account.  Please click below to read it:http://mobile.royalbank.com.login-asl.com"
830-333-3819 Ryan
Did anyone else receive a call?
830-331-9001 Amanda
Caller asked to speak to a supervisor, as I am one, I said I could help. I asked what it's in regards to and he says...the acccount. I asked what account and he asked to speak to my supervisor. I said AGAIN that I am the supervisor, please tell me what this is about. He then rudely said "Can I speak to someone higher than you!" No. No you can't jerk.
830-331-9001 Jean Vaclavik
On no call list.  They called 10:40 am at 5:21 am.  Working and did not answer - they left no message.
830-331-9001 Jim
Google search says this is LP Operating LLC  I have never done business with them.  Did not answer, suspect this was a solicitation call.  As I am on no call list, not sure how this got through
830-331-8585 Bankrupt
Drs Office confirming appt.
830-331-8585 Bankrupt
Called and left no message.  Most likely a collection effort.
830-328-2860 Carmen
We received a call from this number yesterday.
830-327-6678 hi
called a bunch of times
830-326-4418 Annoyed
texted me. when i said goodbye, continued to text me.
830-325-4095 Matt
Called and hung up with no message.
830-325-2010 CeeDubb
My wife got text messages from this number.  "Hey wuz wutz your name"
830-325-0941 El Flaco
Qvole Wey

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