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Browsed Number: 8458866621 | Location Code : 845 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New York
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User Comments for 8458866621

Automated call from this number.Reverse look up is from Broadwing Communications in Spring Valley, NYSaid have info  on my credit card ???

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Mitch Colby
Called and hung up on the third ring before the answering machine could get it.
Same here, called then hung up before I could answer. Attempted to call back, really busy signal, then tried again, canned operator came on and said to check the number and try again. I did, same response.
called, hung up...
Keeps calling
When I picked up the phone, an automated voice said " This is Lisa and I am calling in regards to your credit card."  I hung up.
These people continue to call.  When I push 9 to speak to someone and ask to be removed from their list they hang up.  I try to call back and the message indicates out of service.  This is so annoying!
Just got a call from this number, and I did what I usually do when "Unknown" calls or I don't recognize the number:  I let the fax machine get it.
Caller from this number refuses to leave answering machine message.  This proves to me that he/she is nothing  but a scammer.  A legitimate caller would leave a message.  For that matter, a legitimate caller would have his/her name or business name in the caller ID system instead of "Unknown Name".  I never answer calls from unknown parties, and I never answer calls from parties who will not leave a message.  If someone wishes to speak to me or my husband that someone MUST leave his/her name and number AND reason for calling.  If interested, one of us will call back.  We do not speak to sales persons on the phone unless one of US places the call; which we only do if truly interested in the merchandise or service being offered.
Mrs. G.
The call started out automated, lowering interest on credit cards.  Press 9 to get service rep. Did that, man with accent answered said my Visa card interest was higher than 12% and rattled on about how much balance there was I told him that was none of his business and I wanted my phone number out of his system.  He told me "Go F*** yourself", I hung up then.  He was obviously a scammer posing as legitimate business.  Rude SOB!
Called my cell, left no message.

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