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Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 855 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 855 Series

855-349-4437 Anonymous
2018-09-11 16:32:17
They call me, too, saying I should call back about a pension allegedly owed me.
855-334-4567 Anonymous
2018-06-15 00:55:31
E mail,reulingj@mhawestchester.org,the mean smart,agreesive asshole!
855-334-4567 Anonymous
2018-06-15 00:54:36
Fuck you bitch! E mail,dwood7051@yahoo.com
855-349-4437 Anonymous
2018-06-13 21:58:11
855-345-7447 Anonymous
2018-06-06 21:02:39
repeated calls, always some kind of chinese blubbering
855-345-7447 Anonymous
2017-09-21 22:44:54
I think it's a FAKE DHL scammer who makes recorded calls in Mandarin. Also, even the website has bad English grammar, so may also be fake. They ask you to search for an applicable complaint on list and submit your email to them.
855-228-1255 LOAN OFFER
2016-11-16 17:42:05
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855-530-3104 Steve
2016-03-15 01:57:09
Telemarketers in Canada Looking to sell Duct Cleaning services... Call ID is Unavailable. But was given this number instead. A Very indian sounding accent gave me his name is Nigel. Hmm
855-333-9838 Ken
2016-01-28 18:17:54
Received a call.
855-228-4981 Jim
2016-01-28 10:50:50
same thing. second times by now.
855-856-4583 Jim Bob
2015-06-28 23:01:05
National Recovery Agency. They buy old debts and hound anyone who may have ended up with that persons old phone number. If you tell these idiots you are not that person they start asking stupid questions like, do you know this person? do they live in your area? How the hell would I know. Have talked with the Attorney Generals office and they are looking at filing a lawsuit against them. There are lawyers on TV now who are advertising to sue these type of people for violating the Do Not Call list.
855-336-6983 jdn
2015-04-21 00:19:20
855-856-4583 djg
2015-03-22 23:30:57
If you call this number back you will get a recording supposedly from the National Rifle Association. But I don't believe it is the National Rifle Association making theses calls. Other websites report the number as one of many being used by the National Recovery Agency, a questionable collection agency, obviously since they're infringing on another's Trademark, as well as resorting to other questionable and illegal tactics. The best way to deal with these people is to sue them. If you get your ducks in a row you can win up to $150,000 per call. If not, get a Digitone Call Blocker. You can block entire area codes. You're phone never rings and they hear one ring and a hang up.
855-231-5471 Marilyn Sobotka
2015-03-03 23:20:29
I received a couple of calls that didn't give me enough time to get to the phone. A follow up post card was received. and it was from Sprint. I tried the number in the middle of the night and it was Sprint picking up. It seems they want an AI RAVES they gave me for free because our reception was almost non existant in our home. We missed calls when a new Grandchild was born. When my husband was hospitalized for heat surgery I could not call from home to check on him first thing in the morning. We had a two year contract. One year went fine second year nothing but trouble and they refused to let us out of the contract. They AE RAVE was supposed to make all better, it didn't. We now are with Verizon, much better connections.
855-233-2490 Ralf
Called them back anonymously. Real Estate company of some sort, said St. Louis. But connection was strange, so not sure how much of this was true.
855-233-2301 Margaret
Unknown phone number.
855-233-1645 Brandon
When I answer, they hang up.
855-233-1616 Brad
Received a phone call from this number. No voice message left.
855-233-1615 Mike O
I think this is my third time dealing with this.  I don't have an AmEx account. This caller left a message while i was out of town and said I needed to call back within 24 hrs.  Of course i didn't because I didn't get the message for a week.  There have been no other messages, after the one.  I don't pick up unknown or blocked numbers, so it could be they are calling and not leaving messages.I will do as other callers have done and call AmEx directly to see what is going on.
855-233-1615 Mia
Repeated calls from blocked sender.  Left me a VM for Greg Leiser or Weiser from Nicki Rivera of AmEx.  I called back to say they have the wrong number, they asked if I knew him, I said wrong number, take my number that I've had for over a decade out of your system.  They said they would comply.  I have no AmEx account.
855-233-1615 Richard Trachtenberg
They claim to be calling on behalf of my father, for whom I am power of attorney. I have asked them to put their request in writing but they never do. They keep calling.
855-233-1615 didi
Thank GOD I am not the only one dealing with these a***oles!  They have been calling my cellphone for several years asking for a Hernandez woman, I have told them repeatedly over the years this was not her phone number and I am not her.  I do not have an Amex card.  The calls will stop for a while then they will start again asking for the same woman.   today I had a call from Abigail at 855-233-1615 x21111. My situation sounds the same as Mnoan above. These guys are idiots and I am reporting them.
855-233-1615 Mike O
I've gotten calls from Amex's collection agency before.  Amex had screwed something up last time and they got the collector to stop calling.  I don't have an amex card.  Call amex, find out if you have an account that they are calling about and take care of it directly with AMEX.  It may not be fraud, rather AMEX making an error.  TWICE FOR ME.
855-233-1615 Moxi V
This number keeps calling my house and asking for a person that I've never heard of (I can't really understand them, their English is horrible). No one in this house has an American Express account. How can I get them to stop calling?
855-233-1615 mnaon
They have been calling my cell phone for several months.  My caller ID registers the phone number as being "Unknown," and until today, no one there has ever left a voicemail message for me.  However, today, someone claiming to be Josh Oliverez left a message, alleged that he was calling from American Express, and reported his callback number as 855-233-1615, ext. 21141.I have not (and will not) return the call because I am convinced that this is either a scam or collection company.  Either way, the people there are degenerates and have no business with me.  I have repeatedly told them that I am not the person (Liza Martinez) for whom they are asking and that I do not know (and have never known) any such person.  Further, I have never had an American Express account.  None of this has not made a difference to them, which tells me that they are lying scumbags.  They have repeatedly violated my cease contact demand, thus constituting harassment.  I will minimally report them to the FCC and FTC.  I hope that there is a special place in hell for trash like this who make their living harassing, deceiving, and defrauding people.
855-233-1615 Fshlvr73
This number is an American Express scam. There was a voicemail message from a blocked number, but the caller left her name (niki rivera) and her phone number 855-233-1615. She claimed to be calling from American Express and that it was important for me to return the call. I was suspicious, so I called the American Express number that is on my credit card first to check if there was anything wrong with my account. The Amex rep said my account had no notes or flags that would warrant a call. He did mention that their marketing dept could have an offer that he wouln't be aware of. So, I called 855-233-1615. The automated phone message directing you to various extensions sounds simular but not exactly like the real Amex number. I got a rep and she asked me for my phine number and name. I didn't give her my real name. I asked her "What division of Amex is this?" She stumbled over her answer but finally claimed to be " the accounts dept." She wanted my Amex account info claiming there was an issue with my account. I told her that I aleady verified with Amex that my account was fine....she hung up at that point. The only explanation is that they were fraudulently claiming to be Amex to get my account number.
855-233-1615 Nichole  Clausen
They keep calling my work,  and won't telk me what it's about. Thing is I don't have a.Amex card
855-233-1615 Kathy
This caller claims to be from American Express, the only thing is, we don't have an Amex account.  Refuses to tell me what the call is about, wants to speak to my husband.  I'm sure it's fishy!!
855-233-1612 Brendan.Martin303
Where is this call coming from I wonder?? It has got to be a scam caller. They have been calling everyday now since monday..
855-233-1612 franklin31
I have an account with UMB Bank.  I contacted them after this number left a "courtesy call".  My wife thought it was UMB.  By chance, I called UMB with the number on their website.  They had NO record of me being contacted by UMB.  This is a b***s*** fishing expidetion.  Do not give them information.  Hang up.

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