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Chapter 392, Finance Code, provides for both civil remedies and criminal penalties. Tex. Fin. Code §§ 392.402–.404. A consumer may take private legal action against a third-party debt collector or credit bureau for a violation of Chapter 392. In addition, a consumer may file a complaint with the attorney general if the consumer feels that the third-party debt collector or credit bureau has violated Chapter 392 by engaging in a false, misleading, or deceptive act or practice.Engaging in debt collection without filing a bond with the secretary of state is a violation of Chapter 392 and may also be a criminal offense. Tex. Fin. Code § 392.402. The attorney general or a district or county attorney may investigate an alleged violation of Chapter 392. If you notify the secretary of state, this office will notify the third-party debt collector or credit bureau of the bond filing requirement and, if necessary, refer the matter to the attorney general for investigation. Please report the names of any third-party debt collectors and credit bureaus that do not have bonds on file to:Registrations Unit Statutory Documents Section Office of the Secretary of State P. O. Box 13550 Austin, Texas 78711-3550 (512) 463-6906The secretary of state is a filing officer for third-party debt collector and credit bureau bonds and does not have authority to regulate the business practices of third-party debt collectors or credit bureaus. The secretary of state cannot resolve disputes about services or investigate business practices of a third-party debt collector or credit bureau.You may also report any problems that you have with a third-party debt collector or credit bureau to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC is authorized to take action against a third-party debt collector or credit bureau who violates the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Complaints with the FTC may be filed online or by calling 1-877-382-4357.

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I received a message from my sister that Scc & associates called her saying I had a bad check from 2009 and that they were going to serve me papers then I called the number that called my sister and they told me I had a payday loan from First Cash from 2009, they can't get their stories straight.  It's a big scam!!!!
MS Texas
Company called me and was very rude and high pressure trying to tell me I had a bad check from 2010 and told me I would be served at work or home. I indicated I had taken care of that matter and was at work and could we discuss this after work.  I was told I had to deal with this minute or they would take my refusal to talk to them as a refusal to pay debt and they would send sherriff to my workplace.  I was told that i was  using "stall tactics" when I indicated I had records to submit showing I had paid for returned check from 2010. I was badgered and belittled and told I had to deal with right now or I would be served.  There is no way this is a legitimate organization.  I asked why I had not received correspondence in the mail and there was no answer.  Do NOT fall for this scummy company who obviously purchased old records and it playing on people's fear to get payment that will never make it to the original company even if you have not paid it and pay with them - they will take the money and run.

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