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858 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 858 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 858 Series

858-535-1833 J
2015-01-08 06:47:57
Got a call from this number, picked up and it hung up two seconds later.
858-577-3565 Anthony
Left no message
858-577-2389 sab
I got a note on my front door with this number on it, saying "trying to comtact you, Donnie, 858-577-2389" and my name on it too.... no idea who this is, but they knew my name and where I live!
858-577-2389 HAHAHAHAHAHA
PAY YOUR BILLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
858-577-2389 Hagonel
Same as TESS they called neighbour asking for me and said it was very important, name was Michelle gardner.
858-577-2389 TESS
Somebody named Sean called my neighbor from this number asking for me. I don't know why they called my neighbor or how they even got his number, but it seems a bit suspicious! I never called the number back!
858-577-2386 BOBJ
I had a handwritten note in my mailbox that stated it was from Donna Sulivan and to call this number in San Diego.  Which was really interesting as we live in another state.
858-577-2386 Mike
Got a call from them for my ex-girlfriend.  The caller ID said name unavailable 000-000-0000.  I asked if she was collecting a debt, and  the lady said it was a business matter that my ex had called her about.  She said her name was Danielle Stone, and that my ex would know who she was.  She must not know her very well because she moved out 9 months ago.
858-577-2381 Justice
This is a collection agency for sure.  They (Donna Sullivan & her husband "Mr. Sullivan) do collections for Armando Espinoza Bail Bonds in San Diego, Ca.
858-577-2381 Jesse
I got a call from Donna Sullivan at this number.  She asked for my sister saying that she gave her my number as a contact for here.  Then she started asking me to verify info for her.  When I asked what here name was and what it was about suddenly she had my sisters number and had to go.  Wouldn't say what it was about or what the company name was.
858-577-2381 jen
I got a call from this number, but on ID it showed 000-000-0000- she was looking for someone on my street to call her back????? Said her name was Donna Sullivan.  I called back, and the voicemail did say that name.  Still it makes me nervous that she knew the street I lived on.  She said she was calling from San Diego.  I will watch for this number and not answer next time.  Very strange!!!!
858-577-2381 Vanitapal
Got a call from 858-577-2381, a guy name Sean called not for me but for my uncle??!!  He would not say what was the call about but expect me to provide a phone number to a uncle that I have not had contact with for years????  How in the world did they get my name and number???!!  Per my attorney's advice, I told the guy to take my name off and never call again otherwise I will file lawsuit against them, he denied of calling me because he called my number but asked for my uncle!!  How stupid is that???
858-577-2381 whatever
"Jenny" got my number from directory assistance and asked me to deliver an "urgent" message to a neighbor a few doors down to call her at 858-577-2381...but the area code she called me from was 201. Seems the folks in New Jersey would have better things to do than crank call Californians.
858-577-2381 Vanita
This is a collection agency located in San Diego, CA area.  They do have the right to call and no "Do Not Call" list will or can block them.  If they call again, ask them to remove your name and number (if the call if not for you) and stop harrasing you, otherwise "lawsuite"....
858-577-2381 Busy
Jenny is calling and called a neighbor and he put the note on my door and the other neighbor told me they did and it was an emergency! However I didnt know a Jenny and no-one in 858 area code so we searched this and found all this info?? We need to prosecute these people for harrasment because its against the law to do what they are doing so whos gonna be first! Since we have witnesses we can do this without a hitch!
858-577-2381 atwork
Just received a phone call voice msg from a MICHELLE looking for my wife. Msg was URGENT - left call back @ 858-577-2381. Did not leave anymore more details.
858-577-2381 Okininam
Same phone call I received today a chick did not say what's her name just said call this number 1 858-577-2381.
858-577-2381 john
this person is so rude to my fellow co-workers trying to get information from someone..he does not have my correct name. is so insistant...I dont know what to do...6 or 7 calls a day.....
858-577-2381 amv
Found a message on my answering machine left at 8:45 pm, saying something like, "This is Ms. Wolford, important message for [my name], please call me back, this is a very important matter, 858-577-2381". Returned the call around 10 pm, got answering machine: "This is Mr. Ramirez, please leave a message".Very strange: a 'very important and urgent matter', but no clue what about? From someone and a number I've never heard about?  Long after normal business hours?
858-577-2381 Steve
Person using hispanic named called neighbors on my street saying that it was urgent I called them back.
858-577-2381 cutie
Just received a call today and yeah it says call me back @ 1-800-577-2381 a chick.Looking for my husband did not even say she was or whats her name.
858-577-2381 john
This guy is not a collector. he is asking for information and social. needs to verify information..total scam...keep a look out for this number 00000000000000
858-577-2381 Elise
A guy who said his name was Rich asked me to leave a message for a neighbor a couple doors down.  I know that the neighbor's name and address that this Rich gave me was correct.  After I hung up, I tried "last call return" to see if the number it gave me would agree with the one Rich gave me, and I got that aggravating "000-000-0000."I'm inclined to think it's a collection agendcy as well.  Very creepy...
858-577-2381 regarding jenny 858-577-2381
jenny  called said she was looking for a friend who lived several doors down from me she said she found my number in yellow pages because it was close to her friends addressmy number isnt listed nor is my address
858-577-2381 Sly
Got this call from a girl that claims to be Jenny, she was calling from San Diego, didn't give last name looking for my neighbor.  Said she was calling from work, but it was a personal call.  She said the neighbor had called her and left a cell number but she wrote it down wrong.  I was very suspicious of the call and I hung up.  She called right back.  I pretended that I would let my neighbor know she called.  I do not know the person she was trying to get a hold of.  I asked her how she got my number and she said the Y pages.  I tried to call the number back and no one answered and there was no voice mail or anything.  Too weird for me and I'm not happy about.  The number she left was 858 577-2381.
858-577-2381 Neighbor
I got a call this week from a "Rauel Castro" saying that he was calling from CA and trying to get ahold of someone who lives on my street. He said he couldn't get through to them and he was looking for 2 people. Turns out when I went to deliver the message, the ladys name was the two names he gave me (her first and last, not 2 people) and she had no clue who he was. I think it's a collection agency. There's no listing for the number, so whoever calls you from here is bogus.
858-577-2381 Ben
Called and left "urgent" message for me to return my call.  No idea who it is.
858-577-2375 scam
who is the real person calling from this number? calling relitives trying to get info on me!
858-577-2374 HUSKY
858-577-2367 ss
The lady gave the name of Erica Kimball, was very rude and making threats about a legal claim being filed. Would not provide any information about who was supposedly filing the claim or who she worked for. Do NOT trust this woman, and do NOT provide her with any information.

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