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Browsed Number: 8593399875 | Location Code : 859 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 8593399875

texted me asking about gay guys, I asked who this was, he said Jason. Then proceeded to ask about black gay guys. Pretty ridiculous.

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He texted me, I called him, he won't answer, super childish...
Just got a message from this Jason guy. Blocked him. He seems to be a nuisance.
Yeah this creep is deff targeting 533 numbers. Is there anyway to report him to Cingular or something? He's texted me and asked for gay guys as well. I also have noticed he likes to text a group and then he stops... Then he starts up again. All these messages are grouped a few people in one weekend then he quits then starts texting more a weekend or two later. I can't tell if this guy is doing it for the fun or if he is honestly a little lost.
same No. has txt my 83 Yr. old mother with same message,asking for gay guy. if he's so desperate he should look in the mirror and leave us alone. also sent me same mess seems to be targeting 533 no.? needs to get a life or a pecker.

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