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876 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 876 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 876 Series

876-447-9550 Anonymous
2018-01-19 19:33:38
Scam!!! Jamaica.. big money bs!!! Blocked the call
876-446-0253 Nd
2017-02-28 19:39:10
I won 2m dollars us and a Benz woo! All I have to do is pay 500 dollars for my forms. Like really. Scammmmmmmmers
876-446-0253 J
2017-01-20 22:12:34
This number called me in Canada, on my cell phone. It said Jamaica Then they told me I won a million dollars from a random ballot!?? What random ballot?
876-412-1739 Nancy
2016-11-30 16:36:27
Scam. Long spiel about winning Publishers Clearing house. I won a Mercedes and 3,630,000. They said I needed to make a deposit of 1% of the prize. I hung up. They are still calling me!
876-302-3969 lawman
How many ways can you spell SCAM?Received multiple calls from this number, also 876-398-4130, and 647-830-9098 to a cell phone in which the same voice used the names of Mr. Green from Las Vegas and Melvin Jones.  The first SCAM call advised the $250K lotto winner needs to send $250 processing fee via Wal Mart or Western Union Mailgram.  The second SCAM call  advised the $250K lotto winner needs to cash the enclosed $4,920 Citibank check and remit $3,980 to cover lotto taxes.
876-302-3969 Det. Phelps
Report of numerous calls from caller ID 876-302-3969 wanting to talk to elderly family member. Caller says he is from the IRS and start threatening arrests if he can not talk to the family member.
876-302-3028 JG
caller ID showed  POTW PHONE  JM--  He said his name was Mark Jhonson from the Better Business Bureau, and Jhonson is the way he spelled it, I asked for the spelling three times....He said I won 250,000 dollars and He said that a Marshall and company representatives would be coming to my houseto award me my winnings, he gave me an address that I no longer live at....I questioned him to the point where he told me another official from the company would contact me in 5 minutes....well I'm still waiting....LOL... this is unreal....beware of all scammers
876-302-2958 James
Claims to be publishers clearing house saying you won and they already have your name and address and want more info. Caller has Indian/foreign accent
876-302-1754 Richard
Called and shouted Hello several times in a foreign accent then hung up.
876-302-1619 W D
The same people have called me from 1-876 488 0566 and want me to send $299.00 Western Union to Chad Dixon In Jamaica WI. at 125 Rosehall St.James Keep my reciept and wait for my Million dollar check and a mercidez via Fed Ex on 2-15-2012. He said his name was Benjamin Cold / Keith WeigeltCEO for Mega Millions Financial Co. at 103 Carson Rd. Las Vegas Nevada.
876-302-1619 Game84
Some guy called telling me that I have won 1.3M and a new Corvette.  Sounds too good to be true.. Big Scam that is.
876-302-1619 Big BS
I am crushed worser. I only won 1.25 million from Keith White. I must be cheap. Called my home at 7:30 in A.M. Lucky that I am an early riser. The caller ID said Jamacia. As soon as I cash the big 1.25 million check I am going to Jamacia to give Keith a big HUG.
876-302-1619 Smarter than him
Got a call today from this fella, telling me I only won $85,000 and to send $200 to pay fees or taxes.   Guess the scam business is not making as much money these days.....what happened to $1.5M?  Try to keep the loser on the line, waste his time.......or when he asks "how do you feel, you just won $XX?" respond "Irie Mon"  wish I knew he was in Jamaica before he called today!
876-302-1619 Alicia
got call today, same jamaican guy. said something about being general manager at publishers clearing house and how i won money. i told him i wasn't interested and hung up. caller id said "KINGSTON JM"
876-302-1619 J from michigan
Couldn't really understand the guy, but def. foreign, not Jamacian, sounded more white-maybe eastern european. He repeated I was to receieve a $55,000 check from western union-really hard to understand his poor english. I told him I have no idea what he's talking about, he repeated my name. I always answer an unkwown phone #l with my first name. I ask him again my name, he only gave my first name that I gave him upon answering the call. He ended call by saying he'll have his supervisor call me.
876-302-1619 billj
Same thing today.  I was to get a certified check for $65,000 delivered by officials of the lottery that I NEVER entered.& that I had one 1 1/2 million in addition.  This was a payment in advance of the ultimate winnings.  They asked if I had ever won anything before.  Then they asked if I was interested in getting the money.  Having heard of another scam where they try to get you to say yes & then alter the tapes I said no.  Also, the caller had an accent I could not identify but it did sound like india, pakistani, etc.
876-302-1619 April
A man called my parents informing them that they won 1.5 million and 55 thousand would be sent to them today via FEDX. They were then told they needed to pay for the taxes up front to be sent to the IRS.I of course checked out the number and found it to be Jamacan. Luckily my parents did not fall for it as they have already been scammed once before by someone who actually sent a check but how many out there will be??? This has got to stop....
876-302-1619 Ava Lampel
claimed I won money and was going to receive a certified check!
876-302-1619 Jordan
The same guy has been calling me for like the past 3 weeks. Saying the same thing that everyone has been saying he even called my fiance a w***e. And yes i have heard the Rooster and the Dogs in the background.
876-302-1619 ARShooter
This turkey called and said I'd won 1 1/2 million dollars because of some store I shopped at and I was to get the check today plus 55 thou in cash.  Just had to call 1-876-488-0556 and give them a claim number and some other numbers.  Sounded Jamaican Mon
876-302-1619 Stan
Say S. Hunter I got exactly the same call. Send $200.00 to Chad Dixon at 125 Rosehall, St. James, Jamaica. My package # Was 18876 RG code 150 Green Now remember this very important 150 Green. That was back in 1/22/10. Now I have been getting same calls starting just last week Dec 25th He has been calling every day now. Name he uses is Ben "now please believe me, have confidence, etc etc. Won't take get lost for an answer. Called 5:40 AM this morning again at 8 AM and 6:27 PM and 6:28 PMAnyone going to Rose  Hall, St James? Give them a punch in the nose for me too.
876-302-1619 Scammer hunter
Caller (Tel no. 1-876-302-1619), foreign accent (sounded like hindi) with the same story... I won 2.5 mill from the Australian lottery and $65,000 in cash (Lucky me!!!). I played along, so...  I was to send a check in the amount of $1,099.00, "to avoid issues with the IRS".  I was supposed to receive the Fedex package at home, where 2 US marshalls would get me to the bank to deposit the cash and cash out the check (?!?!?!).  The guy even got me Money Package numbers and Access codes, blah, blah...The "accountant" recipient of my check would be:Oliver McLeish125 Rose HallSt James, Jamaica, West Indies Beware of this very elaborate SCAM !!!
876-302-1619 Lil' Abner
Received a call saying that Fed Ex would be delivering check this afternoon for several million.  It was my lucky day!  He was difficult to understand.  I told him I didn't understand and he told me to listen carefully.  When I asked him whose name was on the check he told me my name would be on it.  However when I asked him my name he asked me what it was!  I told him I wasn't telling him and was not going to talk with him anymore and hung up.
876-302-1619 Annie B
Lame phishing scam. I kept the pathetic looser on the line, stringing him along, for almost 5 minutes. He hung up when he figured out that I was laughing at him.
876-302-1619 Jordan
The same guy has been calling me for like the past 3 weeks. Saying the same thing that everyone has been saying he even called my fiance a w***e. And yes i have heard the Rooster and the Dogs in the background.
876-302-1619 chessie
I'm crushed. They told me i'd only won 1.5 million. I just noticed the number is different . i got called from 876-382-1619
876-302-1619 chessie
I'm crushed. They told me i'd only won 1.5 million
876-302-1619 Flint
It turns out this number is Jamaican.  Don't call it back.
876-302-1619 Flint
A man called my phone claiming that I had won 4.5 million dollars.  I heard a rooster in the background.
876-302-1204 Rudolfo
Deby's post describes my 80+ father who fell for this. He sent them a check. No one showed up at the door with the winnings yet....

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