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User Comments for 8882966515

Thanks Frank! I called this number and left a message that I got a call from 1-888-296-6515. I let them know that I was on the Do Not Call list. I'll post again if I get any more calls.

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I found out through some research that this is a company called ATL communications. They have another number 800-398-5777 that has an answering machine, I suggest flooding this guy with phone calls and complaints.
Received a call from this number a couple of minutes ago.  No reply after I answered it.  Just dead for about 10 seconds folowed by a hang-up.  I had this happen a couple of months ago from an 888 number but I cannot recall if it was the same one.I am on Vonage and thus have a long history available of all incoming calls.  After a few repeats from those numbers who call for whom I ask them to remove my name from their lists, I file a complaint with the FCC online (www.fcc.gov).  Not sure if it will do any good, but I get a certain satisfaction from it.
When the caller ID is spoofed (you don't call out from 800 numbers), I don't answer.  And no message was left.
The call...dont respond when you answer the phone and the call is disconnected. If you call back, you get no answer just a continuous ring!
ditto on the Maryland Sheriff donations scam.. Last time, Kevin, was with Home Security and all about the local crime wave--scam......................

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