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904 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 904 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 904 Series

904-398-8488 Anonymous
2018-09-25 02:31:14
Franny calling about Snaketouch Security Systems. Funny this sounds like the same outfit calling about fundraising for inflamed hemorrhoid research. They sounded perfectly capable of this, just going by first impressions.
904-371-7964 Anonymous
2018-02-26 17:56:23
Called me and left message saying they were my bank and it is not my bank
904-365-4035 jen
2014-12-29 02:27:40
I received a call tonight. The phone connection was very sketchy that it seemed like wind noise on a cell phone. The guy sounded stoned. Seemed like a scam to me.
904-400-3256 rasconiecy
this number has called several times in the middle of the night...leaves an empty vm and when called back does not answer.
904-400-3046 j. Imlitemsu
d callin no. Starts wit 904....... As apprd in d paper(nagaland post) as calin no. 4 fraud sim clonin.  d callr herslf was a tele callr whil she pitchd her cal.
904-400-3017 sfbudda
This call was about reducing credit card dept. As I was telling him that my phone was on the do not call list and a;so a cell phone, and that I did not have any credit cards, he slammed the phone down as he hung up.
904-400-1982 Jim
Texting me, asking if I know who they are.
904-400-1683 jim
about auto service
904-400-0524 elizabeth taylor
never left a message dont know who it is
904-399-6158 lkc
missed call but when tried to call back it said facility could recieve calls
904-399-3671 jb
number has been calling me for the past 3 morning when i'm at work and cant answer, and leaves a message only stating to call Anthony Gibson
904-399-3671 maybme
CID shows American Billing. Keeps calling. 1-2 rings and then disconnects. Florida number.
904-399-3653 James
They keep calling me at 5am. I live on the west coast. They ask for somebody ive never heard off, the hang up on me.
904-399-3653 new boost
I just got my number from boost.  It is my new cell number and keep receiving calls from this number and keep telling them this is not the person they are calling, do I change cell phone numbers or What???????????????  What does it take to get Kim Watts to remove my number from their records for Patricia Davis???????????  What do I do?????????
904-399-3653 I hate golds Gym
It is American Billing - Credit claims. Did I mention Golds gym in a horrible organization!
904-399-3428 Jacob
When I answered, nobody replied.
904-399-3124 Bob Chamberlain
These people have illegally appropriated the trademarked name of a legitimate firm in Orlando which collects money from insurance companies ONLY FOR DOCTORS!  The Orlando company has the name American Billing Service, but they have nothing to do with this outfit in Jacksonville.  I talked tothe owner and he said their attorneys were in the process of filing a federal trademark violation suit against the owners of the crooked Jacksonville outfit.  These people in Jacksonville are not the same people as the Orlando company.
904-399-3124 Tina
Harassing phones calls.I asked several times for the crazy person to stop calling.He uses different names and this debt isn't mine
904-399-3124 JS
Do not call these people back!! They say there are with American Billing Service. They will tell you that you have already called them and say they are trying to help you pay a bill. Then when you tell them you have never heard of them they give you some accurate information about you like you name and home address (which they can get online) and tell you that you owe some company money. They will also give you some incorrect information (Information they made up) to try and get you to give them correct information like you SS# and debit or credit card number. Don't believe their lies. Don't call them back they are only trying to steal your information and use it. I know this because I checked by credit report after getting off the phone with them and my report had no record of this account they acted like I had. I would recommend just block their number.
904-399-3124 BB
I kept getting calls from (904)399-3124... They would leave a voice mail never telling me what the call was about just that it was concerning a case number and that "it would be in my best interest to call them back."  They not only called and harassed me, they also called my family members and harassed them.  Here are some websites that helped me deal with them. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtmhttp://www.lawhelp.org/documents/1386210200EN.pdf?stateabbrev=/WA/
904-399-3124 jdub
calls from this number also come in repeatedly asking for someone I never heard of around 2pm also. Did find out that it is American Billing Service in Jacksonville, FLThey refuse to give out info as to who they are or what they want, but did find out that their address is:4161 Carmichael Ave, Jacksonville, send them a letter and demand they stop calling.
904-399-3124 Juanita
People don't deserve the right to call your phone this many time.  Who the hell is this number and what do they want.
904-399-3124 bobsmith08
repeaded daily calls and wont leave a message and calls at least two times a day around 2 pm
904-399-2618 Joey M
Same thing going on here. This is ridiculous. Has anybody had any success fighting back against him?
904-399-2618 GRACE P
A member of my family received a phone call from these people today threatening to put her in jail on a class2 felony, They said she owed Golds gym a lot of money and they would garnish her check and said she needed to send them money today.l She cancelled her member ship last Dec and has not been to the gym at all. When I tried to talk to someone at the gym they got real hateful and hung up on me. I believe either their database has been comprised or someon that works at Golds gym is selling clients information. You cannot threaten or be hateful to people about bills. There are a lot of scams going on and they need to be caught. I am not going to drop this until I get to the bottom of this
904-399-2618 Andrea C
Just received the most harassing call I have EVER received from Chris Martin. My daughter was roped into a contract at the age of 16. She d not sign the contract (her friend that worked there, who was also underage did this) and I have been disputing this for months. I have faxed copies of her birth certificate and drivers license, as she is under age. You have to be 18 to sign a contract such as this. I am reporting them to every agency i know. This man was an absolute monster on the phone. I will be reporting them for harasing communications. Insulting!!!!!!
904-399-2618 Britnee
They said that I would have a warrent out for my arrest if I didn't pay by Friday. I live in Tenn. how can they do this? I can't tell if its real or not. I mean I do owe money to Golds Gym which is the reason for them starting to call me, but geez. They I called back and told them that my dad said they had no reason to file this "check" after I closed the account so its their fault, well she said he has no reason to think he dictacts that office and it will have a warrent under my name for this. Well then she hung up on me, so I don't know. I might ignore it for a while, because of how rude she was. I mean really why would she be that rude? They said that she was from American billing service. Does anyone know about this? By the way this was at 7PM and I called her back at about 7:30PM. If you know anything, please email me at britthebrat15 at yahoo.
904-399-1899 Dave
You cannot get off their list, I have been on it for months. I keep one of those little part air-horns close by. If you can't beat them, mess with them.
904-399-1899 DIT
I received a call at 1:10 PM today from a similar service (?) that warned me not to be alarmed.  After choosing the 1 option, the young woman (not a lady) names Leah was taken aback when I asked for a manager/supervisor, telling me that there was none available.  When I noted that I was on the Do Not Call Registry and this call had violated those rules, she said "Oh no!" and further stating that "You're trying to make yourself sound smart but you're really stupid" and then hung up.Does bothering to put myself on the registry really carry any legal weight or is the FTC a toothless tiger?
904-399-1899 Kurt
Thank God for Caller ID, since the bloody Do-Not-Call list doesn't seem to mean anything. Called, hung up when answering machine started, left no message.

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