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909 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 909 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 909 Series

909-476-8265 irritated
Caller ID states Affordable Term.  They call and hang up.
909-476-8265 mark mcbee
Called me and left no message.
909-476-7188 Sharko
Incoming call.  Didn't answer.  No message or name.
909-476-4020 fireballls
I just rec'd a call from them. . . they ask to speak to the current home owner. I ask them who they were looking for? The caller again ask to speak to home owner.  I simply said there was nobody here by that name and flip close my cell.    By the way they call me on my unlisted cell phone.  I'm a home owner, I  have a LAN telephone ling for internet use. I wondering how they got my cell number which is only 6mos old.
909-476-4020 Dee
I just got a call from 909476-4020. No one spoke, but I could hear them. They spoke to each other in English and Spanish. They were getting clients to confirm their email addresses, and home address. They talked about "getting the money" and "that guy doesn't have any money" and "See you on Monday" I think the new receptionist left her phone on - she was calling people confirming location and email addresses. There were about 5 people in the room. Seemed like a telemarketing bull pen, with lots of people talking, but it did not appear like they knew what they were doing. One person, a man, was giving instructions to the others about what to say and what to ask. A lot of it was in Spanish, and I could not understand. They never heard me, although I kept saying, "Hello, Hello?"
909-476-4020 jack m
It is a MORTGAGE MODIFICATION company. If you called a TV ad, they are calling you back.
909-476-4020 Me
See this link: http://www.getjob.us/usa-jobs-view/job-posting-31565.html
909-476-4020 Sir Winston
Yes, I am getting frequent calls from this number, 909 476 4020 and they neither answer nor leave a message.
909-476-4020 Sands
I keep getting calls from this number and then no one is on the other end to respond.
909-476-3925 alfonso
They charge me $ 20.00
909-476-3925 Julio
They charge me $7.38 for a call I never receive
909-476-3482 Roger
I didnt pick up.
909-476-3481 Tony
Unknown phone number.
909-476-2808 atcnavy34
This number belongs to Portfolio Litigation Services and their address is below:9340 SANTA ANITA AVE STE RANCHO CUCAMONGACA 91730
909-476-2661 Kevin Bracie
Law Offices of James J Kenny8280 Utica Avenue # 180 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 9173090947626619094765022 FAXhttp://www.jkfamilylaw.comExperience + Dedication + Resourcefulness = Results! A Certified Specialist is a better choice to handle your case! Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, Child/Spousal Support, Property Division & etc.Divorce Attorney, Child Custody Attorney, Family Law Attorney, Child Support Attorney, Domestic Violence
909-476-2424 bologna1
getting these annoying phones calls about 6 times a day.  won't stop aclling even after i tell them not to.
909-476-2424 jillian j
annoying calls about a college or something.
909-476-2424 Vut
Harrassing Phone Calls Daily keep asking for Jenifer Davis, I am not Jenifer Davis.
909-476-2090 Tamar
Got a call from this number.
909-476-2087 Shannon
Got a call. Answered and they hung up.
909-475-7856 Doris
Keeps calling. Who is it?
909-475-7534 KB
Craigslist scammer!!! offers to mail a check in exhange for "goods". explains how he/she is so busy with work out of town that he/she is unable to talk or meet with you in person. Dnt be fooled, he/she has tried contacting me twice on two seperate listings.
909-475-7534 mike
909-475-7243 Jennifer
I got a message from this number as well, regarding a 12 year old debt to Capital One.  There is something called a statue of limitations, that prevents collectors from sueing people for "stale debt".  I live in the state of Texas and the statue of limitations is for 4 years.  I contacted a lawyer regarding this who informed me that it sounds to be a scam.  He told me that he was going to get to the bottom of who was calling.  I was threatened by this "bill collector" who told me that if I did not cooperate with him and come to a "settlement" regarding the debt he "said" i owed, (which this is yet to be deteremined) that he would have papers served to me at my place of employement.  The lawyer informed me that this is illegal!
909-475-7243 Darla
909-475-7243 has been calling my husband and left the same threatening messages about a subpoena and attaching wages. They also called my dads exwife that he divorced 18 years ago. I thought there was laws against this type of collecting. I will make a complaint with the FTC!!!
909-475-7243 Nance
909-475-7243 called me also and left a harrassing message to call them back within 24 hours or i would recieve a summons to court. i call the # back and it was a debt collector for Capital One. Trying to collect on a ten year old debt and threatening to sue me.
909-475-6116 BreBre
Received three calls from this number.  It places you on hold and suggest pressing #1 to enter to win money.  Repeats itself a few times and ends call.
909-475-6116 Tiffani
Yes all the FLIPPING time! At least twice a day!!! Trying to figure out how to block them without having to go through AT&T and pay money to block them.
909-475-3069 Pam
This number is calling my house.
909-475-3047 Ed
Furthering education telemarketer

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