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917 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 917 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 917 Series

917-268-9156 Barbimom
Called me 10 times today !
917-268-9156 Angela Bateman
917-268-9156 Cristina
Sounds like a call center. The man had an Indian accent. Called for someone who does not work here and then asked for the IT manager.
917-268-9156 latrece
i just want to know who it is.
917-503-1508 Rene' M. Garcia
I been getting these types of e-mails, that I will get from 1.5 million to 42 millions if I sent them from$40.00 up to $650.00. I don't think so.
917-503-1508 Lee
It was left as a call back number fr Brian Moyniham CEO of Bank of America. I only need to pay $40 for them to release my $15.5 million as a transfer fund. Of course it is to be paid Western Union to another country. They werent even smart enough to notice he is based in North Carolina. Totally different area code. I give this 3 stars..."SCAM, SPAM AND STUPID"!!
917-503-1508 Rob
Scam.  Don't waste your time.
917-503-1508 LCDR Aaron F. U.S.N.
This number as I am sure there are others is about a scam. This number is requesting I send money to Benin, Africa. The party or partys tell me than they have money to give me but in order to receive said money I must send them money for them to release the funds to me. I suspect this could be terrorist related and I have given notice to the proper agencys.
917-398-9157 Bob in LA
Called and didn't leave a message.Satan, perhaps...
917-398-9157 Biff
I received a call from 917-398-9157 the caller ID was V03120720120385 they claimedTo be my new diabetic supply company and they were updating my file but didn't know My policy # kept getting my address wrong and when I got stern with them and asked Who they were again they hung up.  I believe it was a scam of some sort to pry information From me but I'm a typical New Yorker and I don't trust anyone over the phone. So if you getthis # hang up
917-398-9157 Tom
Caller ID says "Echosystems"I did not answer call so don't know who or what they are
917-398-9157 Charlie
repeated calls,  "clicking" sounds on phone when answered and no response to query.  Callback to # not answered.  Seems to be some kind of illegal call relay operation.  Caller ID says "Echosystems"

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