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952 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 952 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 952 Series

952-999-9999 Mere
I received a call from this # today and when I dialed the number back I kept getting a message saying the number is invalid. I enter a lot of contests too, so maybe it's valid and maybe it isn't! No message left to me from them.
952-999-9999 kevin
i got a call and won a t-shirt and $400 it was legit too
952-999-9999 b182
I got a call from there too saying that I won tickets to a blink 182 concert. Legit?
952-999-9999 rbi00
i got a call from this, but i won a contest for concert tickets, it seemed legit
952-999-9999 dr poo
got a call from the #, but did not pick up cuz it was so strange
952-997-5880 Fred
F*** schlees again.
952-997-5880 Fred
F***  schlees.
952-997-5880 MF
I'm a victim, like vampires on a cow, that schleiss is a real parasite, freakin lawyers, live off everybodys misfortune. I was deployed on Active Duty and he put a lien on my house, over there fighting after 9-11 and that SOB like a tick on a dog. I'm suing his #ss
952-997-5880 justme
I've had them harassing me for awhile. They use to call me and use the "F" word, bug me constantly and then they brought me to court. The night before court they called me and told me we could settle it with out going so I agreed to that. They went to court the next day and got a judgement they would have never gotten if I would have been there. These people should be run out of business!!!
952-997-5880 MrDude
I love this website...I love you all haha
952-997-5880 Sallad
This "company" deserves no money.  Ever.  They deserve to get slammed with the debt they bought for being so consistently disrespectful to people.  Then they will find themselves on the receiving end of their own B.S.Lowlifes.
952-997-5880 moparmama
Called once asking for a Donald, I told them this was my cell, and I knew no Donald. They still call 3-4 times a day, never leaving a message, but obviously assume I was lying and insist on harrassing me on a daily basis.
952-997-5880 PrncssOfDrknss
HooterDude, ur hilarious
952-997-5880 Hooterdude
Calls & plays music filling up my answering machine. Caller ID comes up as LCSI USCC BCM.Haven't got a clue what they want ...but they have piss-poor taste in music! Thats just my opnion ...maybe they should call somebody that likes elavator music?Tried to call back but they are "not avaiable to take my call".  If anybody has a "real" number I would like to have it so I can play some music for them.
952-997-5880 Bob
Received a telephone call today from 952.997.5880, no voice mail message.
952-997-5880 John43085
Received a telephone call from (952) 997-5880, the caller didn't leave a voice mail.
952-997-5880 SP
Answered phone call, but automated message said there was no representative to help me at this time and that they would have to call back.
952-997-5880 CG
Frequent hang ups.
952-997-5880 JJ
Hey, LH.  Trolling for your "clients" to see what they're saying about LCSI?Sometimes people take out loans or have credit when things are good.  Then life happens and things go bad.  The last thing they need is some @$$hole telling them off on a daily basis trying to get money they don't have.  And even IF they had the money, they will pay off their debts to the collectors or companies that treat them respectfully.So, LH, go take a long walk off a short pier.  When life happens and throws your financials in a tailspin, I hope your collectors treat you as disrespectfully as LCSI.Enjoy do***ebag.
952-997-5880 lm
you people take out money and loan money from people and then cant pay it back. Then dont take out the loan if you cant pay it. It is so ridiculous then the collection agencies are the bad guys..get a life.. get another job.
952-997-5880 JH
Yeah.  John's a real $#!Thead.  This company will never see a dime from me.
952-997-5880 BM
This company is Liberty Credit Services located off of 42 behind Rainbow Foods.  They are a very rude collection agency, John Schleiss is the manager of this collection agency and is quite the gem (to say the least) to deal with.
952-997-5880 David
This guy keeps calling and hanging up. I have spoke with him a couple of times and he says he is looking for James and wants his number ...he will not tell me what for so I will not give him any info but he keeps calling me and hanging up on my machine. Today when I googled the number he calls from this came up : (It is the name he gave me, I do not know what he keeps calling me for as he will not tell me!)"Collection company in Apple Valley MN..I found the guy who calls Home number on Google..Thats how he found mine. I think we should call and harrass him the way they do us.Mark Norland     (952) 443-2189"
952-997-5880 Receiver of Unknown phone call
A man called from this number asking for someone and when I stated they weren't there and asked if I could take a message he asked if I knew when they would be back.  When I told him no he just said alright and hung up, refusing to leave any information.
952-997-5804 fiel
It is a collection agency.
952-997-5804 stella roseland
Just left a mans name and I am supposed to call him.  No idea who he is.
952-997-5802 tom
This number calls multiple times a day, never leaves a message.
952-997-5800 Cristian
I keep getting calls from it.
952-997-3498 Lindsey
Called and left no message.
952-997-3260 Dave
Engstrom Electrical Contracting10200 Leroy Ave, Montgomery, MN 56069(952) 997-3260

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