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United States
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Sad. He said there name was rapid cash financial services.

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Just got off the phone with someone named tony and he said I can get between 2000 and 10000. He said I need to reload money on a netspend card I asked if I get paper work he said this is an unsecure loan so no. Bull I'm not dumb and I hung up on him. He's not getting my 200 dollars its such a scam. Sad. He said there name was rapid cash financial services.
Java Lady
I applied for a Payday Loan through a reputable company and have been receiving calls from this one in regard to an installment loan. The person I spoke with said I was eligible for and amount anywhere from 2K-10K as a long they could confirm through my bank account that I had 10% of my need bank account for 2 hours. I'm glad I looked this information up . . . Thanks for saving me from fraud.
These people.called me told.me.i.was.approved for 1500 they said i.had to deposit $150 in order.to get the loan so i.declined.it and hung up the phone he called me right back and said they were.gonna charge.me $38 so i said how do u think ur gonna get the money he told me he aint going to tell me. I told him i was going  to call the.fbi then he stopped calling these people are scammers stay away from this number they will take ur money
They were very rude and disrespectful to me and was threatening to send a police officer to my door
I just got a call from them and they asked me to load money on a reload card for verification.  Thanks for the prior postings.  They are not going to get my money.  The guy that called me was an asian male name "Henry Scott"!
Fed UP
Do not answer calls from this number!   They have called 8 times in the last twenty minutes.  Either block them if you have that feature or just label the number as a SCAM and DO NOT answer.  I feel sorry for those of you that lost your money.  I would contact the FTC.  You can fill out a report online or call directly.Good luck!  These annoying phone calls need to stop!

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