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Browsed Number: 2562133800 | Location Code : 256 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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This is Verizon. Had placed an order online for my business and one of the accessories was out of stock so they were wondering if I wanted to edit my order and go through with out that accessory or I wanted to hold my order until that became available. Very polite CS rep on the phone!

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I got a call from 1-866-259-3883. I called back they couldn't find my number in their system even though they had called 3 minutes prior to me calling them back. THey directed me to call verizon customer service at 1-800-922-0204. They then couldn't verify my acct without me being on my cell phone! That sounds pretty sketchy to me. They then proceded to call my cell phone I am at work so I ignored the call they asked if it rang I said yes he then rudly said well you didn't answer I told him no i'm at work, but I can verify the number you just called from and that wasn't good enough. I got so frustrated I hung up. I just want them to STOP calling me. My bill is paid in FULL every month my contract was just renewed.
I got a call from this number, but I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message, so I called back and it was Verizon Wireless.  I think if they calling for a reason, at least leave a voice mail in regards to the reason.
I don't live in US and don't carry any Verizon's services. Got a call from 2 representatives today. They wanted to check if my phone works or not. When I asked why do they want to check they hung-up.Not sure of the purpose of the call but it was sort of unprofessional.Any suggestions.
The Verizon Wireless Rep called us back from this #. Husband was having a problem with his voice mail and she called us back and had us re program the phone.  No unsolicited call for us.  It was legit.  She needed to have his wireless phone available for the programming so she called us on our hom line.

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