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267 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 267 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 267 Series

267-863-4302 john
creditor, very annoying, won't stop calling about a bill i dont have
267-863-0776 Ruth
Keeps calling
267-860-1873 sick of it
i am getting these calls also....did you find out any more information???
267-860-1873 lady2001
I keep receiving telephone calls from this number.  When I try calling the number back to see who is calling, I receive a recorded message that it is a non-working telephone number.
267-859-9133 Chairmaker
Received the call by way of an operator assistance service. Caller having the service ask me question regarding Windsor chairs such as prices, styles and payment methods. When ask for his name, the service was told James Brown,ltd and either hung up or was disconnected. Not real sure just what it was all about.
267-852-0693 AprilAnn
The design team from LogoSnap.com. They call after you have requested to be contacted regarding logo and/or web designs.
267-852-0693 Falin
Don't know who this is?
267-852-0691 Bob Had Bi*** Tits
267-852-0691Logo Design GuruMycroBurst.comCalled to offer help if I needed it.
267-852-0461 none of your business
got a call this afternoon at work, asking for me but misprounced my last name..then he asked me if i worked in a certain building because the switchboard told him I did. I said no I worked in another building and he said "oh there is two of you with that name" then he said "its ok I will see him tomorrow at work" if this is a bill collector does anyone know the name of the company because the threat of seeing me tomorrow at work is enough for me to file a complaint
267-851-8441 Rockse
6 calls in one day. when i did answer one of their calls just to get them off my back, they were trying to get my credit card number on another occasion they were trying to get my bank account number HA!Have also left several angry phone calls, no response
267-851-8441 leah
ive been recieving phone calls from this number for about 2 weeks now. they call and when i answer they hang up. i call back theres no answer. ive left numerous messages threatening to find them and have them encarcerated for harassment but the calls continue. i did a reverse lookup on white pages and found that its a listing from philidelphia and the phone service provider is core communications who has now changed their name to first comm. i contacted the phonse service provider and they had no listing of any such number, and im reluctant to pay whitepages.com $15 to find out who it is.im guessing its a telemarketer but i dont know what their game is, seeing how i never make contact with their company. i dont know what to do.
267-851-6441 good lady
I am on the same boat..these trashy women or men who bothers to feed their sick appetite on adultery are so schemic, sneaky and professional when it comes to hiding. I blocked mine. Any numbers that are non existing or pretend telemarketting I blocked. There will be a time that this will happen to them too. Karma!
267-851-6441 Another sucker, I guess
How do you go about reporting this scam again? Do you need to contact the FCC or the FBI? I am so tired of these individuals trying to con people out of their money. It's got to stop somewhere. Out of curiosity Christian Mom, how did you find out it was Willow Grove telemarketing? I need to contact my bank now, just to insure that they, (the scammers) don't try to withdraw anything out of my bank. This is infuriating.
267-851-6441 you're not the only one
I received the same call from "American Standard Financial." I just wanna say thanks for posting it somewhere that they were fraud before it was too late for me.
267-851-6441 Gregory Ecuff
Hey! My name is gregory and I have just the answer that you are looking for.   the women that called you also called me over a week ago. She is trying to get you to BUY some stupid so called Government Grant for a one time price of 359 and then you get 4500. Its Not true FRAUD!!!!!!!!!
267-851-6441 B.B.
I keep getting 5 or 6 calls from the #267 851-6441 (fax global) and no one talks, and when i have tried to call it back all I get is the recording the line is being checked for trouble, also had the same thing happen w/ 913-248-1105 the caller id on that says millenium marketing
267-851-6441 NGO
That phone number comes from Gaborone, Botswana near Africa. Its a scam and I have reported it to the FCC and another private sector governement affiliation. However this will only stop them temporarily so please continue to report anything out of teh ordinary.
267-851-6441 noel y paula
This company appears in are caller id as Fax Global. And they offer us $5000 and does not have to pay back because is a goverment aid. They ask
267-851-6441 report it!
call (877) 382.4357 or go to www.ftc.gov to report them to the Federal Trade Comission Responce Center.  It take maybe 15 minutes and if we all band together we can take these @sses DOWN!
267-851-6441 Texas
SOOO what exactly are we supposed to do when we cant get them to stop calling us?
267-851-6441 Cassie
I was reciving a lot of phone calls from this number and they kept hanging up on me.  One day I called and left a message telling them to either tell me who they are or quit calling me, a few hours later they called me again, so I called and left a pretty rude message and they have not called me since, it has been about a week.  But now I have two other numbers doing the same thing.
267-851-6441 Laquisha
They got me too! now they are claim to be bankrupt and whomever has taken over now is very rude and cant give me any information about nothing. How do I get a complaint and what shall I do?
267-851-6441 Kathy
I had the some thing happen to me. A lady called and said my name had been chosen throught H&R Block to recieve a federal grant. She talked me into giving her my account info. and said I had to pay $359.00 before they could send me the information to fell out. I was then surpose to send it back to them and I would have my money with 48 to 72 hours. I was lucky they didn't get anything from my account before I changed it. Thank you for your information on this.
267-851-6441 INI
267-851-6441 Laura
IT'S NOT LEGITIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT! I fell for it!
267-851-6441 Christina
Ps.  I just called my local police and filed a repot.  I suggest anyone who has this happen to them, REPORT IT.  You can call the non-emergency number (for San Diego its: 619.531.2000)
267-851-6441 Christina
OMG, I just had the same thing happen to me.  I am freaking out right now.  I just signed up in the financial aide office at college for government grants and loans ... and I ASSUMED (stupidly) that that was what the call was about. They asked me to verify my information *they read my name, address and phone number* They said that I would be charged a one time fee of $359 processing fee and then the government grant would be deposited into my account.  I never gave them my bank routing number, but they KNEW which bank I banked with ... so I donno, FREAKY! I felt REALLY wierd after the call was over.  WHy should I PAY for a grant??  SO I called my bank IMMEDIATELY and told them to put a hold on my account and to block that company.  So scary!  I hope people read this. The number they called me from was (831) 303-2704 and they said their customer service number was (866) 569 2573 ... I don't know if the company is legit or not ... but it seems very shady to me.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL ... American Standard Financial is the name that the representative said to be working for.  (and EVERYONE I spoke to had a thick accent too)
267-851-6441 LaJoun
so you never received any money?
267-851-6441 laura
They are not legitimate!!!!!!!!! They will get your money if you don't talk to your bank account! i fell for it too so please act on it...your not the only one!!!
267-851-6441 shannan
this lady called me on friday and said all of that information about the grant and they were from these american finacal and i recieved a government grant i was very stupid and gave them my information and asked for her to send me there information she got very rude and told me that she will delete my inforamtion and donate the money instead of giving it to me and hung up and i called the number back it was a voicemail and a fax number i cant get ahold of anyone. I want to know if they ever took money out of your account knowing your information. Or if you solved it beofre they got to your bank. I just want to know if they took the money out right away.

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