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Browsed Number: 4132412498 | Location Code : 413 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 4132412498

Dreading It
The same happened to me.  God I hope that I don't get any spam text messages now.

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Fed Up
This number came as a text message from one of my friends.  'He' said that his cell phone battery was dead and to call him at that number.  When I called it rang once then there was dead silence.  Have I given someone access to my phone and information now?
This is Santa Claus and it is VERY FUNNY! I've let everyone hear it.
It's a call from Santa Claus...an very adult Santa. Very funny! I got the number from a friend in a text message. It's also an advertisement for some website

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