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435 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 435 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 435 Series

435-680-7387 Anonymous
2017-10-14 10:31:26
Who is it fkers!
435-230-4472 Anonymous
2017-09-05 14:37:55
435-406-0114 Umm
I got a text message from this number at 11:09PM last night.  It said "Nice"Weird!!
435-406-0114 pissed
I recevied a phone call from this number and it sounded like someone I know trying to make a collect call. It said push "1" to accept and then asked for a credit card number. I hung up and try to call back and it just gave me a dial tone.
435-406-0114 confused?
i received a phone call from this number and it sounded like some one was trying to talk to me but then i heard an operater say they wanted to know how i was going to cover the cost of this phone call that i had to pay 9 dollars i hung up and tried to call back and it was just a dial tone.
435-406-0114 What is this?
My mom just called me and it came up as this number, she hung up and tried again and it was back to her number.
435-406-0114 confused
When I make an outgoing call a few minutes after hanging up I get a call from 435-406-0114 and all I hear dial tone. Does anyone know why this is happening?
435-406-0114 Confused?
Sometimes when I call people MY phone number shows up as this number but when I call it's a dial tone for a landline
435-401-8452 Ruth
Calls all the time.
435-401-3138 jv
dont know who it is
435-393-2577 Jasmin
Received a call.
435-390-8192 d frey
caller hung when asked to remove from list
435-390-8141 snuggs
Called at 22:45
435-390-8134 Kathy
On do not call list, getting repeated calls from this number.  Did not and will not answer calls to unknown numbers.
435-374-9123 Z
it wasn't even a phone call, i got a few text messages from this numberperhaps they mixed my number with someone else's number, perhaps not...
435-374-4777 disturbed
recevied malacious text with threats to my life, highly disturbed
435-363-9981 Michele
unwanted calls.
435-363-9598 Megan
Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.
435-363-9454 Deja
I didnt pick up.
435-363-9313 John
No message left...
435-363-9215 Shannon
Did not leave any message.
435-363-8014 Linda
It's an internet scam -- you answer an ad on Craigslist for a work from home job and get a response via email.  I provided my name and address and later in the day I re-read the response and decided it just didn't sound right.  I realized on the second reading that you're expected to be responsible for cashing checks and getting the money to 'the company'.  I got an email requesting confirmation of my "details" which I deleted and did NOT respond to.  Yesterday I rec'd a check in the mail from a place named Seahorse Bioscience, Inc. in the amount of $2670.10.  I Googled the company and it's a legitimate company BUT they have a large warning on their page saying there's an internet scam using their company name and warning that if you do deposit/cash the check, it will be returned as it's not valid.The guy who responded to my email about the job was Jeffrey Hodges at Angoss Software, 435-363-8014.  He called again yesterday as well as sending 3 emails.  When I realized it was him, I called him an internet scam artist and told him not to call me again.  He had a thick accent, had to hear his name three or four times to finally figure out it was him.
435-363-8014 kaid
its from Carla operating Inc.I've been getting their email to work for them Michael ReedCara Operation Inc.Tel #: 435-363-8014Fax #: 646-496-9186
435-363-7298 Gabriel
Did not leave any message.
435-363-6444 Bria
Received a phone call. No message left.
435-363-4866 Ewan
I just received a text which said Heyy !! I don't know anyone from this area code...
435-363-4866 Chris
Received a text from this number that said: "Hii :p"I didn't respond.
435-363-4804 KC
This number calls all times of the day, never leaves a message.
435-363-4419 Laraine
called never left a message who is it
435-363-4117 jai
I just got the same issue but the person text me using same namefatimagurly from the number: 805-567-4370.apparently from a place in california.

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