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505 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 505 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 505 Series

505-216-0771 Anonymous
2018-12-14 17:33:53
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505-216-0771 Anonymous
2018-11-29 15:54:32
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505-966-5485 Maggie
2015-03-11 21:06:05
Number calls every day but no one is on the line. When I called back it goes to DirectTV. We don't have DirectTV so it is probably a sales call.
505-974-2645 tweetie
Yes this is the number for clothes helping kids.
505-974-2645 Fuji
505-974-2645 is the number for Clothes Helping Kids
505-974-2645 pink2door
Calls and leaves no message
505-974-2645 Rick
No message
505-974-2645 jim
Registers on called ID.  They never leave a message.
505-974-2423 David
Need to find out who it is.
505-974-1065 User
Her name is sarah and she is the town's local escort haha.
505-973-7969 Warning
Trying to scam me for my iPhone 4S as we speak.
505-973-7969 John Higday
McDonald Dawson martinslampard29@gmail.com tried to scam me for my Honda Civic on Craigslist.
505-973-7969 beware
Used martinlampard30@gmail.com, same deal....buy a vehicle sight unseen for full asking price plus any fees. Gives a link to pay pal in his email.  Uses McDonald Dawson as his name.  If you google the name you find a facebook page for an offshore petroleum engineer as well as other sites discussing this same scam.Everyone should report this person (and any other scammers) to www.IC3.gov.
505-973-7969 Crawdad
Hahaha, I got the same craigslist scam as Mike and he used the smithpeter005@gmail.com account.  He is so dumb he also used boblake75@gmail.com in one of his replies.  So, now there are 2 emails for the same guy.  Beware, and keep calling him a dumba$$ when you reply. . . .
505-973-7969 Mike
He just tried the same with us on a Craigslist ad we posted for one of our cars. What a jerk !!!! The email he used on us is smithpeter005@gmail.com
505-973-7969 Ginger
I got an email from the same email address.  They didn't list a number.  A million thank yous for posting this.
505-973-7969 Kyle
I got a email from a guy at mcdonalddwsn@gmail.com and he said to respond to this phone number 505-973-7969 in regards to a laptop that I have for sale on craigslist. The phrasing of it sounds like spam and after seeing these posts questioning this phone number I won't respond.
505-973-7969 Brett G
Received email about Craigslist advert. said they were OK with asking price but wanted photos and for me to respond. Email did not sound right, because i was selling a lot of stuff and their canned email was saying they wanted to see it.Looked the number up - boom, other people are getting the scam too. Called the number from work - busy.
505-973-7969 Matt
Tried to scam me also, for a 21000 dollar car.  same number, off shore driller supposedly.  Through craigslist add.
505-973-7969 bevis
505-973-7969 tried to scam me on craigs list.
505-973-7969 AKlady
Got an email reply to my craigslist posting of a truck saying they have no problem with the asking price, but would like to see more pictures. The email was from a marykatie01@gmail.com, and they left this ph# to call. Tried calling, but a busy signal-then looked it up and found this. Thanks for reporting, very helpful to others, including myself. I am not going to reply by email to them, then they will know what my email address is.
505-973-7969 Rogue318
Sent me an email with this for his phone number wanting my laptop of CL. My MajicJack system would not dial the number, eventhough I can call my mother in Roswell, NM which is the 505 area code. After googling the # & seeing the results, I replyed back that he could stick his scam up his A$$! lol Does anyone have a program that will resend the same email over & over? If so, we could spam him out of business!
505-973-7969 jake
tried to scam me on craigs list on my car...
505-973-7969 boat city
Tried a craigslist scam on us for an RV. I never replied. Glad I found this website!!!!
505-973-7969 john
tried same with me said he was petrolium engineer and wasted to buy my car  30000 without looking at it all a scam
505-973-7969 hairdresser20024u
Tried to scam me on craigs list...I reported to paypal..I had a feeling it was off...all a scam! I had fun tho...i returned the scammer with what he wanted to hear...BUT NEVER clicked a link or gave him personal info!
505-968-8704 Don
Calling regarding a factory warrany expiring on a vehicle.  Obviously some sort of scam.
505-967-1345 3104353162
505-967-1345 PaulaG
saying am aPPROVED
505-967-1327 5550004356

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