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I received a phone call from  Glenda Hertzman yesterday saying that they are putting out 2 felonie warrants for my arrest due to an unpaid Advance America loan.. And she called for me on my daughter inlaw's phone. It's crazy how these people can get information about you like that. I have no association to my duaghter inlaw's phone so not sure how they got her number. But when I called the lady back she really got me upset.. I am going to report this company to the BBB does anyone have any other idea's on reporting this? This is not right what they are doing to people and it needs to stop..

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Told me they were charging me with 2 felonies. I have never been in trouble!!!It did scare me because they knew a lot of information about me. The charges areuntrue.She told me she was calling from Gorelick and Associates. I called them andthey had no idea what I was talking about. I will be contacting the police!!!!
yes, it is a scam.  They called for me and the ladies name was Kathy Brooks, then she said her name was Kathy Cooks.  They said that they where going to put out felony warrants for me in Texas.  However, I have read the fair credit act multiple times.  They can not and I repeat cannot do that.  I asked her for her address and I told her that I will be sending a letter stating that they are harrassing me and that they are not allowed to call me or anyone I know for that matter.  She got mad.  Never the less I do not deal in foolishness and non sense.  She got upset and said I need to have my lawyer call her.
so is this a scam, they keep calling me and telling me the same thing When I tell them I filed BK she said that does not cover the criminal charges. So is this a scam? anyone?
This Company keeps calling me because they say they have (2) accused felonies for someone I know and I was listed as the contact information. They tell me they are a Law Firm and I have asked them not to call and I still get calls from them. I asked them point blank if they were a Debt Collector and are the accusations of Felonies Criminal or based on debt and again they cannot tell me and say they are a Law Firm.
Been calling me nonstop asking for some lady named rosalyn halloway or hathaway.. Really annoying. I think they are associated with 513 223 7733 Some office? I called and told them I'm not her but we shall see.
I've gotten 2 calls today from this number already.  After reading all these posts, I'm not answering and I'm going to block it right now.
2 calls today (so far).
Gordon Keig
This number called my cell phone soliciting Home Alarm systems

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