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Browsed Number: 5621345678 | Location Code : 562 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 5621345678

Just received a call from 1-562-134-5678. Have this number show up in the past on my caller ID and it's been a "contractor in the area, just wanting to stop by and give us a quote on that work we discussed last year". What!?! These people of just nuts! Anyway, today I get a call using this same number on my caller ID and the (female this time) was looking for my ex from 25 years ago and 2000 miles away. A collection agency. Do these callers just program in any number they want to show up on our caller IDs? The DO NOT CALL Registry isn't any help at all anymore, if you ask me!

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A man called me from 562-134-5678 on 10/18/12 and said, "Hey smelley…giggled…Hi Stinky…giggled." I said nothing and hung up. I maintain an Excel spreadsheet labeled "Who is calling" which I record all unwanted calls. If a number is displayed I don't recognize I look at my list. If it is new I check the Internet for comments and then record the number, date, time & comments on my list. I never call back. If I receive more than two calls I report them because I am on the DNC list.
Caller ID said name unavailable. Hung up when answering machine picked up. Very stange phone number.
Forgot to add that this number is spoofed because when you call back "NUMBER NOT IN SERVICE RIGHT NOW" recording plays.

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