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Browsed Number: 5635703794 | Location Code : 563 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
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Des Moines
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SPAMMERs are Grifters
505-919-7405Well, the month's almost over and this new 'Grifter', as well as the usual old 'parasites' have continually called me long distance (this one, evidently a new 'leech' from New Mexico) to my 'for emergency only use' private cell phone number. This unsolicited caller has called my private cellphone number repeatedly! After having read similar notes from others here, as well as performing a numbers search, I've now confirmed this number to be a Verified SPAMMER (aka Grifter / Scammer)You know these ‘call center criminals’, they're the ones using the (everyday American) first name (moniker/alias) such as Steve, Sam, Sylvia, Susan, Tom, Theresa, Mike, Mary, Bob, Bill, or whomever 'running' a 'Gift Card' Scam, the ‘Home Loan Modification’ SCAM, a 'phony (generic) Survey' SCAM, the usual ‘Home Security’ SCAM, the well-known 'Cruise Line' SCAM, the 'bogus Political Survey' SCAM, the highly illegal ‘Microsoft Windows Security Specialist’ SCAM, etc. FYI...their only intent is to illegally ascertain your personal info for their own dubious purposes and nothing more! They’re nothing more than 'Grifters' (aka Con Artists/SCAMMERS) and should be treated as the criminals that they are!I do not answer/have never answered calls from numbers which are not listed in my phone's 'Contact List', but instead, I add them as a Verified SPAMMER to it, so that I'll know that such 'bogus' calls are to be ignored in the future. In addition, I never respond to nor ever return these calls, especially using the "press 1 to be removed" feature, as all types of calls like these are all just simply SCAMs and these types of 'Grifters' obviously 'don't play by the rules' anyway. Calling them back or picking-up the call only shows them that you are in fact a 'live' number. I ignore these calls so that maybe after several rings/unanswered calls, parasites like these might hopefully and eventually drop my number from their 'Let’s See Who We Can Try To Rip-off and SCAM Today’ list…which is no doubt being shared throughout the world’s call centers (criminal ‘Web of Thieves’) each day!BTW, don't believe the 'trolls' here that tell you that you must have unintentionally added your name to some sort of list at one time or another, as I sometimes wonder if the 'trolls' I see frequenting '800notes.com' are in fact even legitimate posters at all and might just not be ‘plants’ by the SPAMMERs themselves? I have never listed my cellphone number anywhere nor with anyone and I do not use it to call anybody...except for emergency purposes only; i.e., medical, fire, and law enforcement; therefore, I'm assuming that SPAMMERs like these have 'tapped' into the various cell provider databases and are sharing your personal and private information amongst their criminal ‘Web of Thieves’?So, think the next time before you decide to participate in some sort of ‘off-the-cuff’ survey when requested by somebody you’ve never met before who approaches you in front of your local supermarket or discount department store. Think the next time before you decided to write your personal contact information upon an entry form and drop that information into some sort of clear Lucite container for some sort of ‘Win This Car’ or win this large screen TV contest, etc.! If you haven’t already figured it out for yourself, these are all attempts at solely acquiring your personal contact information which you have given-up so easily!Hopefully, with the new Federal Regulations just announced earlier this year r/e SPAMMERs (unsolicited telephone solicitors and/or 'bogus' survey takers), we all should (hopefully) be seeing an eventual end to these types of 'bogus' calls sometime soon...cheers.
CALL BACK AND DIAL 101 and it connects to a real person!!! TELL THEM TO TAKE YOU OFF THE LIST!!!!
i get a call from this number every day for the past two weeks. it's obvious it's a telemarketer so i never answered it. today, there was finally a message about winning a free vacation and press 8 to get off the list. yeah right, i am not going to let them know i actually listened to the message and verify my number.
Sick of Robo Calls
These idiots call and it's always a recording saying they want to lower my credit card interest rate, or I've one a prize, or there is an alert on my credit report. As soon as they call I log in to my cell phone carrier's web site to block the number, then they call from a different number.  The 'Do Not Call' list IS a joke.
Mr Clean
Same thing...hang up and no message.

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