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Browsed Number: 6052742840 | Location Code : 605 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
State/Area/Carrier Details :
South Dakota
City/Area/Carrier Details :
Location Code :
Time zone :

User Comments for 6052742840

Keep calling to collect a debt that was included in our bankruptcy which was finalized months ago. Our attorney is now looking into legal action against these morons.

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i keep getting calls from this number and another in houston,tx..same thing calls at the earliest of morning and late at night...they leave the same i better get back with them or else...how did they get this number and info...especially in so many different states..I dont need this in my no money life...
Sheila Purcell
I have recieved up to 10 calls a day from this number. There is always someone on the other end but they never replied. Instead I have had to deal with the heavy breathing on the other end. This would not be such a big deal except that I have kids ranging from ten to sixteen who answer the phone. This company is extremely unprofessional and bordering on stalking! I have tried to call the number back numberous times. All I get is a recording saying that all their representatives are busy. After the second time of hearing this, I get hung up on! I live in Iowa. I don't know if there are any other ways to get ahold of the company or not. Anyone with info can reach me at angels_light1975@hotmail.comThanks
The caller would call and leave a simple message "Return this call" but wouldn't say who the message was for. I just got this phone a few months ago and people keep calling and leaving messages for other people when my voice mail has mine and my husband's name on it. So I finally got fed up and changed my greeting to say "This is (I inserted our names)'s voice mail. If you are calling for someone with a difrerent name do not leave a message as this is not their voice mail and they will not get it." so this number has stopped leaving messages. Rather they just call and call and call. I WILL NEVER answer their call so they may as well give up. Plus, if it is a collection agency, I owe NOBODY money. So, I'm not concerned with that.

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