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Browsed Number: 6262077203 | Location Code : 626 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 6262077203

Strong accent, very odd name, which I can not even spell.  Said he was calling about my yellow pages ad and wanted to finish up the listing.  I told that my ad was already completed and his response was that it was "just a basic listing" and I told him that is all I needed and didn't want to pay for a listing.  He hung up immediately.  I tried to call the telephone number back and it states that it is no longer in service.  Do not fall for this as he may be trying to obtain a credit card number for a false listing.  BEWARE!!!!!

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keep getting calls and no one there or they answer by saying bye bye and they hang up!!!
called my cell # (on national and pennsylvania DNC lists).  I answered, no one replied, and the line dropped after a few seconds.
someone called from this number this morning and said something about medical supplies - he did address me by my last name so had found that out somehow - anyway I told him we were on the "do not call list" and not to bother us again - enough already with these people - why don't they spend their time looking for a real and honest job?
Ellen Levin
I have received the same thing over the last two days.  Multiple calls from this number.  Noone there.  When I call back says this number is not in service.
Sonja Ratliff
I have received several calls from different numbers. The one above is one of them, nobody talks when I answer and when I call the number back, the recording says that it is not in service. What the heck and how can I stop this.
Ralph X
Received several calls over a couple of days. Would never say more than "hello, hello". It was a possibly white, female voice. They are full of crap, they should be reported to the proper agency, whatever agency that is!
Dolores Jimenez
Person called to say they wanted to send me supplies i did'nt order.  Attempted to get my social security info by phone.
Called here 2/1/13 twice.
My cell phone in Massachusetts received a call from this number. No message left. Very few people have my cell phone number.

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