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641 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 641 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 641 Series

641-990-7336 Todd
Someone called, left no message.
641-985-7805 Katherine
I recieved a text message from a friend saying call the number asap, i called and i listened to the message and I heard i was going to be charged 19.95 and for this phone call, and it was being routed to the dominican repblic. is this true?
641-985-7805 Fred
Rejection hotline number (It Could Always Suck More).
641-980-7242 Lyn
Got a call from this number.
641-956-6006 Frank
got a disconnected call when answered
641-954-3207 RD
I too am getting weekly calls from this number.  They never leave a message.
641-954-3053 Skeptical
They called me about furthering my education. I told them that I had my bachelors' and was moving onto my masters... They thanked me for that information. The speaker had what sounded like an African accent but was pretty fluent with his English.
641-954-2316 boom
What are they saying to you?
641-954-2316 yah24
i feel you..
641-954-2316 Kelly
Annoying kids.
641-946-2057 dwight bonnett
Several prank cals from ex daughter in law.
641-933-4164 Marisa
We received a call yesterday.
641-932-2870 Donna
Cindy's Beauty Hut10 N Main St # 1 Albia, IA 52531-18516419322870Welcome to Cindy's Beauty Hut, providing professional and friendly beauty treatments. We offer a wide variety of beauty treatments including Haircuts, Manicure, Body Waxing & etc.Beauty Salon, Hair Stylists, Body Waxing, Nail Salon, Hair Salon
641-919-7333 Walter
Trying to find out who calls from this phone number.
641-915-3900 Zippy
loans for business starters etc from government, I am in Canada, call from Iowa.
641-903-9538 J
Text Message
641-903-7105 Ethan
Phoned and left no message.
641-903-6441 Richard
Called, unknown number
641-903-1355 !!!
this person harrasses ppl
641-895-2678 highpockets
Caller left message that he would do me bodily harm (cut/castrate me) if I did not leave "his boy" alone.  This call is from Iowa and I live in Colorado.  I have no idea what he was talking about but someone may be in danger.
641-892-8038 Amazing
Craighton Electric  1446 220th Street, Sheffield, IA 50475-8040(641) 892-8038 ‎city-data.comDirectionsSearch nearbySave to mapmore▼Categories:     Electrician, Electrical Contractor, Panel Upgrade, Electric Wiring, Residential Electrician
641-891-5411 Ann
Keeps calling my number.
641-888-0529 Macy
Who is the owner?
641-887-7074 Annoyed
Phone rang four times, no answer when machine picked up.
641-858-6879 Larry
The caller left no voice message.
641-847-5027 GINA
641-847-5027 Anonymous
Keeps calling, I don't recognize it so I don't answer. They don't leave a message though, so i don't bother to call back.
641-847-5022 mich
Answer phone person then rambled do you have insurance ask a question then they hang up
641-847-5022 Trish
Who are you?  You call, leave no message, don't recognize the number.
641-847-2735 Seth
Repeated calls from this number.

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