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User Comments for 8002896229

Got a message in my mobile VM today which sounded at first like the noise of a car driving over the rumble strip on a highway. Eventually, I realized it was probably someone speaking as there were regular pauses in the spiel that could've been speech, but it was so garbled i couldn't make sense of a bit of it. After googling I found this site and now I see what it was. We DID recently order a couple hundred dollars worth of merchandise from Macy's and I already received at least 2 emails about the fact that it will ship in two shipments so I really don't understand why they also need to waste time with a phone call saying something similar. Duhhhhhhhhh.

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I got this call on morning but i did not take it. It left a voicemail about my purchase from Macys(about $2XXX) and said i am going to receive an email about of it. what's going on?? i never purchase anything from Macys..Did anyone get the same situation??
I'm already getting emails containing the same information. These phone calls are unnecessary and redundant, not to mention inconveniently timed.

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