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845 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 845 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 845 Series

845-292-4405 Anonymous
2017-11-08 00:27:41
845-649-6657 YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS
2015-01-05 09:42:25
Why are you posting on an anonymous website little a little bitch
845-891-3695 alex
845-891-1351 Bella
This guy keeps callin me saying I call his phone he's returning my phone call leaving me voicemail asking me for my name an address so he can get back to me. This is non stop it's getting frustrating I can't take it anymore. Something needs to be done. It's freaking me out
845-891-0382 shay
i want to know who this is?
845-887-5400 Karla
No answer.
845-886-6647 Connie
I just got a call from this number and when I answered they hung up. I called back and the line is busy.
845-886-6647 Diamonds
I just got a call from them two minutes ago
845-886-6646 Roadgirl
Caller ID said New York Call.  I didn't answer, left no message. Probably garbage.
845-886-6646 Mark
Same number. Caller ID said New York Call.  No one there.  Callback is busy signal.  Probably not the number they are truly calling from.
845-886-6645 Lauren
I believe this is one on a series of numbers used to offer lower interest rates on credit cards. Sometime they leave a v/m, most times just a hang-up. The code in caller id always starts with a V followed by the date and time of the call. Also other trailing numbers that I have not been able to decipher. Some Other #'s with same pattern are:09/04    845-886-6645    13:05    V90408/29    786-358-9799    10:47    V082908/23    863-774-4040    12:14    V82308/22    863-774-4040    11:55        V82208/20    863-774-4040    15:15    V82008/17    863-774-4040    10:01    V81708/15    863-774-4040    14:52    V81508/14    863-774-4040    11:35    V81408/13    863-774-4040    9:59            V81307/27    360-474-3908    12:34    V0727123403000107/19    360-474-3908    10:17    V0719101730008307/17    360-474-3908    12:38    V0717123756007807/09    858-568-7616    10:59    V70900759290004206/28    858-568-7616    11:11    V6280811380004206/20    858-568-7616    13:10    V6201010050004205/30    253-382-9909    17:08    V0530170803026405/25    407-454-9999    13:35    V05251335470241 04/24    909-259-9999    10:36    V04241036520132 04/18    503-902-8479    12:26    V0418122648013804/06    503-902-8479    18:03    V0406180313016003/06    866-372-3141    13:44        V03061344130000
845-886-6645 Jim
Did not answer.No Idea. Caller ID says Spring Valley, NY
845-886-6645 Maggie
LOL@Jiminez!  I've been receiving phone calls from this number too, and I'm curious to know whose number is that...Anyway, no name, mi no answer!
845-886-6645 jose jiminez
Had one call from this number, ID'd as unknown name, unknown number. I Was on another call and did not answer it. I tried to call it back but so far no luck. Hope it's a good looking worman cause I shore is horney...
845-886-6644 Try this..
Next time, tell them you're not comfortable doing so until they tell you what they're verifying the information for, then ask if its for a rate reduction or something. Try and get them going like that.If and when you do, then tell them you just have to get your cards from your waller/purse that is in another room, and please hold on a second.Put the phone down and walk away. Come back after a few minutes, see if they're still there. If they are, apologize and tell them you seem to have misplaced your wallet/purse and to give you just a minute more. Hold the phone to your chest and hollar something like "honey, have you seen my wallet/purse?", if you have a friend or loved one with you... have them hollar back "I think you left it [random location]".Repeat as needed. Sometimes you can waste upwards of 30 minutes of their time.The more of their time you waste, the less likely they probably are to call you because they'll either remember or make note of it.And if that doesnt work and they're calling a smartphone... Mr. Number is a free caller ID app that blocks an unlimited amount of numbers.
845-886-6644 K S
We just got another call from this company using this number.  There are many numbers that they use.  They have repeatedly told us that their company is Card Member Services.  We have asked them to remove us from their list many times.  They want us to give them our credit card numbers and the codes that go along with them so they can check to see if they have the right information in their file.  This sounds very dangerous and we have refused but each time we waste their time like they aste ours.  We let them babble on lie after lie.
845-886-6644 Hilda Clown
I did also @ 1>13 pm  labor day
845-886-6644 Flamingo
I got a call from this number at 11:07 this morning - here in Texas, Rio Grande Valley...
845-886-6644 Riverboat
Thanks, just received a missed call from these b*****ds
845-886-6644 NANA
We got a call from this company around 9 am this morning.  I've done some research online and apparently it's a communcation company.  The number is located in Spring Valley, New York, but they do have two locations in our state.  Have no idea what the call was about, as they hung up before the answering machine picked up or I could answer the phone.  Just annoying!  The name I found for this number is Broadwing Communications.  It showed "Unknown Name" on our caller ID.
845-886-6643 jonny
f u
845-886-6643 Ally
Same message just happened to me.  My called ID showed Spring Valley, NY.  Never a day goes by that I don't have a call or 2 with the same message but different phone #'s.  Last week I continued listening & was given an option to press 3 if I no longer want to receive the calls.  Fat chance!
845-886-6643 James
"unknown name" appears with #, recording starts saying something like -this is Lisa calling about your credit card account, there is nothing wrong with your account, but we have an offer.... this is where I hung up
845-886-6642 Terry
Woke me up, I did not answer... was hoping someone on the net would know who they are...
845-886-6642 DNC list is a joke
rang twice - came across as unavaliable
845-886-6641 JL
Just got a call from this number came up on caller id as Spring Valley. I never pick up to talk to unfamiliar phone numbers but most likely it was the burly dude from India.
845-886-6641 Billybob
Called our land line twice in an hour. No message. We're on the Federal No Call List. Apparently, makes no difference to these idiots
845-886-6641 Mary
They called about a Visa credit card acting like it was from the Visa we currently own.  They wanted the exp date . My husband said, "so if you are our Visa card company you would already know when it expires, right?"This man had a strong accent from India.  We can't seem to stop their annoying calls even though we are on the Do Not Call List. They are just fishing. When we started to question him, he hung up.
845-886-6641 FairhopeGuy
Unfortunately, not much. They're scam artists who use these India call centers. As for the DO NOT CALL  list, sadly, these guys use them as a DO call list. Contact your representative/senators about putting some teeth in this baby. A few fines and jail sentences would help immensely.
845-886-6641 Zmudly
I got an automate call from 845-886-6641 saying I was eligable for a lower interest rate on my credit card.  There was no option to opt out only to reach a customer service rep by pressing "9" so I did.  A man with a very heavy accent from India answered and I asked him to please remove my name from the calling list; he hung up on me right after I said remove my number.  Who are these people and what can be done to stop them from invading my privacy.  I am on a DO NOT CALL LIST.

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