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big jim
also the texas attoney general told me they have notefiled by maile

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I got called by them and they called my boss told them everything,  I tried to call them back and got a voice mail.  It said that she was the county bad check officer and that her company was going to have me served for a bad check. I called my county hot check office and they could find nothing on me.  I called back and left a massiage on Melissa Davis voice mail as to what county and what check was she talking about, that was last night, I have not heard form her yet today.
big jim
i talk to the secutary of state of texas they have to be resitary with your state in nation litigation is not also i talk to the state attoney general of texas and they not even talk them . also their other number is 8779121707 18883436783
Tina D
[This post has been removed]
Three people have called them "National Litigation" in headquarters in Chandler, AZ and Philadelphia, PA.  They claim that I am named on a "fraud" document by some person I've never heard of but won't tell me how they go my name or let me talk to the lawyer.
The caller did not leave any message.
Caller lets the phone ring twice then hangs hoping you call back to see who called.  Caution this is a SCAM.  Caller claimed to be on behalf of the Florida Police & Troopers Association.  Did some research and found thease crooks pockets most of the donation while giving a very small fraction of the donation to the actual cause being solicited.  There was no caller ID information on this call other than their phone number.  I plan to lodge a complaint with the FCC because of the lack of called ID information.  Charities have to list some type of caller ID data when making a call for donations, other than just their number, if not they’re in violation of the law.  It's also possible that this is a fictitious SCAM call fronting as the Florida Police & Troopers Association to get credit card information so beware.

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