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United States
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User Comments for 9094364472

These idiots tried the same thing with me but they called my wifes phone instead of mine looking for me. The good thing is I work close with the FBI and Homeland Security, which I will be calling on Monday. F__k these yayhoos there going down.

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I just received a phone call at work from a guy from this number and he left a message.  Very thick accent.  I have received calls from this number before and told them I know they are a scam, it is very well known they are a scam.  They stop calling for a while and then suddenly they call again and try to leave theatening messages.  I have contacted loan companies I have dealt with and they said it is a scam that they have heard of too.  I am getting really tired of this, does anyone know the proper authorities to report this harrassment to?  I would think there'd be some kind of authority that could put a stop to the scam, especially since it is known to be a scam.
I received a call from a guy that called himself Kevin from United Attorneys Services.  They said that they are representing Payday Loans and that I owe them $900.  I told them that I never took a loan out from Payday Loans and I asked who it was for.  He wouldn't answer me and he spoke very bad english.  He said that I needed to pay $900 immediately over the phone or a sheriff would show up to arrest me and then I would have over $5000 to pay.  He still would never answer my question as to who the loan was from.  This is a scam!  I took loans out from two other payday loan companies who give out my name to these mother f****rs. I called him a f****ng idiot and told him to f*** off.
I got the same calls today I didn't answer when they called my cell they left the same exact message saying if I or "my attorney" didn't call back he could only wish me good luck as the situation unfolds on me. But then they called my work! so of course I didn't know who it was so I took the call and he wouldnt tell me anything what company he was from, what it was for, just telling me I should get an attorney or something very very bad will happen to me on Monday at eleven A.M. and he also told me to hold while he got his 'officer' and then it was the same exact voice and told me his name was Kevin. I kept on asking what he was calling for and why should I get an attorney. The weird thing is they had the last four of my social security number! I finally gave up on the fact and told him this; If you don't tell me why the f--- you are calling me at my work? If you do call me at work again I swear I will f---ing press charges. he then freaked out telling me not to curse to him and so I told him I will do what I f---ing want and you are going to tell me what you are calling about or I will hang up the phone. He said I dare you to hang up. you don't have the guts. So I hung up on him and didn't hear anything for the rest of the day. I don't know what to do or to expect. If they are wanting to steal my identity. Good luck. I can't even get a loan. bad bad credit. Just a crazy experience. Do not answer these calls and go through what I did.
this is a scam if i could find out where they were calling from i would wait outside for them and take a bat to thier a** for f****ng with people in a recession

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