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Browsed Number: 9094753047 | Location Code : 909 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 9094753047

Ron Meinhardt
2014-11-20 05:34:51
wants me to further my education...i hang up since i always decline or skip these ads. so this over paid tool calls me a 4th time and i don't answer , he leaves me a voice mail calling me many names i wont repeat here...i want him fired. How do i do this?

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Tina Sweitzer ( 2014-11-19 20:35:15 )
me too HERE IS HISTORY SO FAR OF THIS NUMBER CALLING ME!! Nov 17,8:20 am,NOV 17, 1PM,Nov 17, 2pm,Nov 17, 5pm,Nov 18,9am,,Nov 18 12pm,Nov 18 3pm,Nov 18 6pm,Nov 19 10am,,Nov 19 1pm, Never leave message, i do not know who it is, so went on line to this site and seeing all of your emails of people getting the same calls from this number too!! i never answer , because if it is that important, you would leave a voice mail to get back to you, no voice mail, it is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!you calling me that many times, you best leave me a message why it is so important you keep calling me and do not leave me a message, come on now, respect, you leave me a message if i know you, or have any business matters that need to be settle and you leave me a message i will call you back, but if i do not know the number, and you keep calling me,!!???please leave me a message, and explain in detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why you want me to call you back, and if it is legitimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and not a Scam caller i will call you back, come on that makes no sense to me calling me that many times, so important leave me a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Frustrated ( 2014-11-18 22:54:23 )
These people call & call only to hang up after announcing they are MOS Home Improvement & are in my area & want to know if I need any repairs done to my home. They call me by name also. Their number is 770-560-9876 but says it's no longer in service when you try calling them back. How do we stop it or report it?? Craziness!
myself ( 2014-11-12 17:32:31 )
Received a call from 2067771212, which rang three times but then hung up just as it was forwarded to voice mail (which likely means they would have hung up had we answered). The number that is supposedly calling is fake; the scammers are hiding their real number and likely are not even in Seattle. Our area code has been receiving A LOT of these same types of calls since August 2014, with the number changing each week. Most likely the scammers pick an area code and exchange and call the numbers by order (212-555-0000, 212-555-0001, etc). I say this because my number usually gets the call first, then later my husband whose number is over 1000 numbers behind mine will get a call; if they were calling from a list of cell phone owners they would call us back to back. The caller is of course inoring the Do Not Call list as well, but they are likely calling from outside the U.S. since they are hiding their real number.
Ant Sher ( 2014-11-12 03:33:01 )
not sure who called

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