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United States
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User Comments for 9543458834

I answered this call.  "Abby" told me that I had filled out a ticket for a free vacation and that I had won, not one but two vacations - one in the Caribbean and one in Florida!  She said that the cost for both vacations would be $398 and I would need to register for the prize by giving her my credit card info.  I said that I had been the victim of identity theft and I didn't want to give my credit card to someone who called me on the phone, but if they would send me an email with all of the details or a letter by US Mail, then I would be happy to read it over and make a decision.  She said "Are you worried that we aren't a legitimate company?"  I told her she wasn't operating like one.  She but me on hold nad she would get her supervisor and asked me to hold on for "her", but "her" was a man.  He told me the name of the company was Superior Tours and that their website wasn't set up for browsing.  I told him I didn't like being told I had "won" something but that they would have to pick another "winner" if I didn't give them my credit card number.  I hung up and called the number back and "Abby" answered "reservations"  which was very vague.  I Googled Superior Tours and they are a bus company in Baltimore so I don't think they would be giving me a Caribbean vacation.  I assume that the scammers used that name because it was very generic.  I also saw a few lawsuits on google from other legitimate travel agencies.My advice is that you should never give your credit card over the phone to a company that you don't know anything about.  A legitimate company should be willing to send you something in writing before you pay them money.Good luck!

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